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Mock Crash Educates BGSU Community

Friday, October 24, 2015 – Mock OVI Car Crash

This exercise was a realistic scene of a crash involving an intoxicated driver. Police departments, fire/EMS, and an air ambulance responded as they do to an actual real life emergency.  The scenario involved two cars who “collide” as a result of an intoxicated driver. This mock demonstration educated BGSU students on the dangers of drinking and driving and how it affects lives.

Participating agencies:

  • BGSU Police
  • Bowling Green Police Department
  • Bowling Green Fire and EMS
  • Wood County Safe Communities Coalition members
  • Hanneman Funeral Home
  • Life Flight (Coordinated by BG Fire/EMS)
  • BG Towing and Recovery
  • Wood County Hospital

For More Information:
Sandy Wiechman, Safe Communities Coordinator | 419.372.9353

Halloween Traffic Safety Mobilization

Safe Communities of Wood County announced today that the annual safe driving  Halloween National Mobilization is October 25-November 1, 2015.

Halloween means parties, and parties can encourage alcohol consumption. Because of this, Safe Communities of Wood County is partnering with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for The Halloween National Mobilization. “Drinking and driving is deadly, it is illegal, and it will get you pulled over and arrested this Halloween,” said Safe Communities Coordinator, Sandy Wiechman. “If you want to stay safe and out of jail this Halloween, make a plan to get home without driving if you’ve been drinking. Planning for a safe ride home needs to be part of everyone’s Halloween party preparations.” Safe Communities of Wood County recommends that residents follow these tips to help ensure their own safety, and the safety of others this Halloween:

* Designate a sober driver, take public transportation, a car service, or a call a sober friend of family member to get you home if you’ve been drinking.

* If you see someone you think is about to drive while impaired, take their keys and help them get home safely.

Besides the dangers of driving under the influence, drunk driving is a crime. Offenders can face jail time, the loss of a driver’s license, and pay around $10,000 due to higher insurance rates, attorney fees, court costs, car towing and repairs, and lost wages due to time off work.

Halloween is a fun event that encompasses the entire county, and drunk driving effects not only other drivers, but pedestrians as well. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, reports that October 31 is traditionally one of the most dangerous nights of the year, because of the deadly combination of alcohol and increased pedestrian traffic. In Wood County last year, there were no crashes involving pedestrians on Halloween. This trend is something Safe Communities of Wood County would like to replicate. Do your part this Halloween by not driving impaired and, as a driver or pedestrian, remain alert for drunk drivers and report any suspicious behavior to local law enforcement.

Always remember to drive sober or get pulled over!

For More Information:

Lt. Jerrod Savidge, 419-352-2481
Safe Communities Coordinator, Sandy Wiechman
419-372-9353 or

Truth Campaign To Put Out More Than Just Cigarettes

The American Legacy Foundation has launched another Truth campaign to combat Big Tobacco in the United States. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The anti-smoking youth campaign is for the first time tackling social smoking, hookahs and flavored cigarillos in its marketing efforts as smoking habits among young adults shift away from traditional cigarettes.”  The campaign debuted a new spot called “It’s A Trap” during MTV’s Video Music Awards and also released another advertisement called “Finishers 2.0″, which can be seen below, during the Teen Choice Awards in April.

According to Wall Street Journal, the campaign “leverages social media star power and popular memes to highlight the dangers of light or intermittent smoking — say smoking a cigarette or two only during parties. A study published earlier this year in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, found that 25% of adolescents believe smoking on an intermittent basis poses little to no harm.”

The advertisement below is one of four that is being shown around on Bowling Green State University’s campus. With the Clean-Air Policy in place at BGSU since 2012, this will be another step in the right direction to end it with tobacco.

Health Fair and Farmers Market October 6

Plan ahead to “Come on Down” to the annual Health Fair and Farmers Market. Enjoy free food samples and shop for fresh produce and other health related items from local vendors. Activities at the event are geared specially toward BGSU affiliates and this is a great opportunity to find all of your health and wellness related items in one location, and  on the BGSU campus!

Date: Tuesday, October 6
Time: 11 AM – 2 PM
Location: Bowen-Thompson Student Union | Lenhart Grand Ballroom
FREE and Open to Students, Faculty, Staff and Community Members
Accepting Cash, Credit, Falcon Dollars and BG1

Event Activities:
Interactive Health and Wellness Displays
Fitness Demonstrations
Free Health Information
Food Samples
Raffle Prizes: $100.00 Grand Prize

Sponsored By:
BGSU Recreation and Wellness
BGSU Dining
BGSU Human Resources
Falcon Health Center
Wood County Hospital

For More Information:
Terry Carver, 419.372.7487

Terry Carver’s Story

Terry Carver, Administrative Secretary – BGSU Department of Recreation and Wellness
WellAware and Group X Participant

I was being stubborn about not wanting to change too much in my daily routine or diet, so these programs motivated me to eat right, be active daily and lose weight without a huge time commitment.Recreation and Wellness is now my home away from home, and I have been employed with BGSU over 10 years now. As the years pass, it is more difficult to lose weight and keep it off. However, my attention has changed to what enters my mouth, thus the results of the foods in my body. After participating in and really enjoying the “Strive for Five” Wellness program last summer, my focus was shifted to eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains FIRST. This usually satisfied my appetite without sugar or salty snacks. Plus, the program incorporated 30 minutes of exercise daily, which was easy for me as I can now walk to work. So, without much change in my daily routine, I saw my weight come down and enjoyed eating without having to diet. Two other programs reinforced this success: the “Eat Right For Life” Wellness program in Fall of 2013, and also the Weight Loss Program through Psychology Department in Spring in 2013.

BEST OF ALL, when I had blood work completed at Falcon Health Center as part of the “Eat Right For Life” program, I received the best results I’ve had as a middle-age adult ever! My good HDL’s were high, my bad LDL’s were low, and my cholesterol counts were super! Not bad since I come from a family history of heart disease.

Terry’s Advice for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Schedule your exercise sessions – Pick a routine time to walk, clean, shovel, bike, swim, whatever, when it does not interfere with time you wish to spend with the family.

Plan ahead – Prepare healthy meals ahead of time, so you eat right and enjoy wellness time at your convenience. And, there are great ideas and recipes online to give you suggestions for nutritious and yummy meals!

Find activities you enjoy doing – Another great way I stay active is participating in the Group X classes through Recreation and Wellness. There are quite a variety of fitness activities, as many as I wish to attend, for one low price. I’ve made use of at least three different classes that keep me returning each semester. They are fun, inspiring, and give me a great sense of accomplishment.

Don’t gauge exercise benefits on weight loss alone – One thing I’ve really noticed is that if I don’t exercise at least moderately (generally walking or swimming) and eat as I should on a regular basis, my mood drops. When I begin again, it’s like the best medicine of all – and life is good! AND, I still have time for family and personal events in the evening and weekends, and also get the family to join me in fun and moving activities!

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