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“When You Get the Choice to Sit it Out or Dance..”

Emotions of excitement, exhilaration, and exhaustion were flowing in the BGSU Student Recreation Center this past weekend. Dancers, Moralers, Visitors and more gathered for BGSU’s 15th annual Dance Marathon.

For 32 straight hours students are on their feet raising money for the children of Mercy Children’s Hospital that are ill or injured. This year students provided hope and inspiration to the miracle children and families by raising an impressive $152,119.61.



Although there was a decrease of 200 dancers this year, the results proved that hard work and dedication can allow students to hokey pokey their way to big achievements.

Sponsorship Chair Amy Helm has been a participant of Dance Marathon for four years now. “There is no better feeling than watching your hard work payoff,” she said. “Seeing the faces on our miracle children and families is a life changing experience.”


In order for Dance Marathon to be successful, a year-long effort is required. BGSU Students play different roles to ensure everything pulls together come the day of the event. Dancers are students who are on their feet for the entire 32 hours raising money with every dance step they take. Moralers are the students who provide physical and emotional support to the dancers, whether it be a back massage or words of encouragement.  Bikers are a different component of Dance Marathon. They bike 180 miles from Cincinnati to Bowling Green, raising money for “Bike for Tikes”. And of course, Dance Marathon would not be possible without the Steering Committee, a group of students selected to run Dance Marathon.


First time Dancer Andrea Maas expressed how thankful she was to be able to play a role in Dance Marathon. “Not only are you changing the lives of the kids, but you change your own life as well,” said Maas. “I made so many friends, made money for kids, and made memories that will last a lifetime.”



For 15 years now BGSU prides itself on having “One of the largest and most active Dance Marathon Organizations in the nation,” according to the BGSU Dance Marathon Web Site. Students are encouraged to continue this successful tradition by signing up. More information can be found on BGSU’s Dance Marathon Web Site. We’re giving you the chance to sit it out or dance, and we hope you dance.

BGSU RecWell Recognizes Excellence

The Department of Recreation and Wellness employs 200 to 300 BGSU Students each year. These students are all individuals who believe in RecWell programs and are passionate about their work. In order to continue the excellence these students offer to the program, it is critical to show them the recognition they deserve.


One of the most traditional ways RecWell implements recognition into the workplace is selecting an employee of the month. Students are chosen by the Student Employee Board each month. The board submits names of students they feel have earned this title, discuss the nominees and then vote.


Associate Director of Programs, Cathy Swick, explained students were chosen for this departmental honor. “Student Supervisors from every group in the department, Aerobics to Zamboni, nominate a student employee whom they feel deserves the recognition, then usually one student is chosen.”


So far this year, eight student employees have earned the Employee of the Month title.


September-Ellen Borer

October-Adie Heyne

November-Lindsay Helm

December-Jeremy Lewis, Mike Swartz, Rob Whitaker

January- Ryan Rampe

February- Kaitlyn Koby


Student Recreation Center Employee, Ellen Borer, discussed her reaction to receiving this honor. “To me, being awarded Employee of the Month means that hard work and completing assigned tasks pays off (in the delicious form of Cookie Jar), and that doing a little extra can make a big difference.”


When named Student of the Month, students receive a certificate that reads “Employee of the Month”, their name and picture on the RecWell web site, and the student favorite: a gift certificate to The Cookie Jar.


Lindsay Helm, SRC Employee, explained how nice it is to be recognized. “As a student worker, a lot of the time it feels like you are assigned the grunt work,” she said. “It is an honor to receive this award, because it makes you feel appreciated for all of the hard work you put in to the high standards of the department.”

Lindsay Helm Nov. 2009 Employee of the Month

While Employee of the month is a monthly incentive program, there are other incentives that encourage students to work hard on a daily basis. Incentives such as Rec Bucks, the Student Development and Leadership Series and end of the semester banquets ensure that students receive the recognition they deserve year round.


The Department of Recreation and Wellness is extremely proud of the student staff. “Our students tend to go above and beyond,” said Swick. “We are very lucky.”

BIG Playground has BIG Turn Out.

The streets of Bowling Green were a little less populated this past Friday night as many students flocked to the recreation center for a healthier source of entertainment.


The Department of Recreation and Wellness hosted their 12th annual BIG Playground event Friday evening. The event is designed to prove to students that there are fun ways to spend weekend nights other than indulging in irresponsible behavior. Students received a free water bottle and extra goodies when signing a pledge to be responsible on spring break. The Department of Recreation and Wellness works hard every year to encourage student health and safety.



Despite the hazardous weather, students trudged through snow and slush to enjoy a series of activities including 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, an inflatable obstacle course, inflatable jousting and face painting. Many students took advantage of the free food and beverages that was offered as well.




Sophomore Audrey Backes decided to return after participating in the event last year. “This is a really good time of the year to hold an event like this. For me, this weather really puts a damper on weekends, and BIG Playground is a great way to have some indoor fun,” she said.


Freshman Taylor Tucker mentioned how she had been looking forward to BIG Playground to meet new people. “As a freshman you are always looking for ways to make new friends, BIG Playground allows you to let loose and do things you don’t normally do as a college student.” “I would definitely come back again,” she said.


Every year BIG Playground provides students with a great way to set responsibility aside while still being responsible. BIG Playground is proof that students can have a great time without making bad decisions.

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, I’m a BGSU Kid.

Now, more than ever the pressure to become an adult at a younger age can really take a toll on students. The transition from painting toenails and playing video games to cramming for tests and working extra hours to make rent can be a tough one for college students. Imagine setting all adulthood worries aside and acting like a kid again. Now is your chance.

Last year’s Big Playground Event

The Department of Recreation and Wellness is hosting the 12th annual BIG Playground event. The event will be held on Friday, February 26th at the Student Recreation Center from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

BIG Playground is a late night alternative event. The event’s purpose is to show students there are healthy alternatives to a good time rather than drinking and partying. Activities include an inflatable obstacle course and jousting, two caricatures, a giant slide, 3 on 3 basketball tournament, a live DJ, sex olympics, disabled vision goggles, prizes and food.

Health Educator, Caitlin Spontelli explained how the event offers a fun and healthy learning environment. She said every year students respond positively to BIG Playground. “They enjoy having a night to let loose, meet new people, and release their inner child,” explained Spontelli. About 1,000 students participate each year.

BIG Playground is free to BGSU students with student ID and only $6.00 for guests. The first 100 people receive a free t-shirt. Don’t let the chance of indulging in your favorite youthful activities pass you by. Come to BIG Playground and be a kid again, guilt free! Call 419.372 WELL (9355) for more information.

Wood County and RecWell Cooperate in the Community

Recreation and Wellness maintains strong connections with the Bowling Green community. One of the cooperative efforts between the department and the community is the work done with the Wood County Educational Service Center (WCESC.) Student Recreation Center (SRC) Assistant Director of Facilities Dave Hollinger and Special Education Supervisor Diane Witt from the WCESC work together to give local high school-aged students with developmental disabilities the opportunity to cultivate real-world job skills.

The work done at the SRC is part of a “living classroom” program at the WCESC. The students’ classroom is an apartment in Bowling Green from which the students take the BGSU shuttle to work.

“The mission of our ‘living classroom’ is to offer meaningful experiences to promote growth in the areas of employment, independent living, recreation and leisure, and community participation, allowing for a natural transition of skills into adult life for individuals with significant disabilities,” stated Witt.

The students’ work at the SRC is mutually beneficial.

“It’s a win-win for everybody,” explained Hollinger. “It’s great to have the opportunity to work with a diverse staff, and it’s a good opportunity for the students to learn in a real-life setting.”

Currently, there are four students from the WCESC working at the SRC. The session began in October 2009 and runs through May 2010. The duties performed by the students range from cleaning tasks, such as wiping down equipment and disinfecting areas of the building, to greeting people entering the building and sorting documents.

“We give them a staff shirt and a name tag,” noted Hollinger. “They’re part of the team.”

The positive impact the program has on the students is apparent.

“You can see a big difference between the first day and the last,” said Hollinger. “The growth is noticeable. It’s tangible, and it’s rewarding.”