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Peer Education Training Weekend

Becoming a peer educator is a great way to get involved on campus, strengthen public speaking skills with presentations, and make new friends. It gives students the opportunity to learn from other students as well. Peer educators present on various wellness topics, including nutrition, body image, alcohol and other drugs and sexual health.

By completing the peer education intensive weekend training held in September or January, you can become a peer educator in one weekend long training session. A registration form is required to participate.

Enroll online:

Fall 2015 Schedule
Saturday and Sunday, September 12 and 13 | 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

For More Information:
Faith Yingling

Forrest Creason Golf Course Welcomes Students

Forrest Creason Golf Course would like to welcome all students to Bowling Green State University with some great student specials!

– One FREE round of golf for all incoming Freshmen
– One FREE golf cart rental for all returning students

These offers are valid through September 4, 2015.
BGSU Student ID must be presented at the Club House.

Call for Tee Times: 419.372.2674
Book Online

For More Information:
Kurt Thomas, Director of Golf

Student Employment with RecWell Is More Than Just a Job

Are you looking for a good resume builder but also could use some extra cash in your pocket? If so, working for the Department of Recreation and Wellness may be the right choice for you.

According to the BGSU Career Center, there are more than 4,300 students that work on-campus.  The Department of Recreation and Wellness offers opportunities to students that are looking for a job on campus. RecWell employs between 200 and 300 of these students to work at the Student Recreation Center (SRC), the Ice Arena (IA), Perry Field House (PFH), and Forrest Creason Golf Course.

Working for RecWell can be beneficial for students because there is a chance to grow and advance within the department. Employees are rewarded with Rec Bucks when they go above-and-beyond their call of duty and there is a Student of the Month award given out monthly to the department’s hardest workers.

Student employment jobs are put into a category that signifies their rank within the department. Jobs can range from Level 1 to Level 4. Level 1 positions are the entry level jobs, and the highest positions with the most responsibility are put into Level 4.

If you’re just starting a job with RecWell, Level 1 is where most employees will begin. Some of the jobs included are: PFH Attendant, SRC Floor Attendant, and IA Skate Shop Attendant, among others.

Andrew Clair, an employee at the SRC, has made the most of his time working with RecWell.

“It’s been a great place to work,” explained Clair. “I’ve met a lot of cool people and I really enjoy what I do. I started the job this summer and I’ve already learned so much in my short time here [with RecWell].”

Those who perform exceptionally well on the job can receive a promotion to Level 2, which includes managerial positions throughout all departments within RecWell. Level 3 positions include managers of the SRC and PFH among others. Supervisor positions, the highest position a student employee can hold, are categorized in Level 4.

Each level holds more responsibility than the next and at the same time offers more of a reward.  Not only will holding a higher position within the department teach you more about working in a fast-paced environment, you will also earn more money for your work.

“This [job] will look great on my resume,” said Clair. “It doesn’t hurt to add as much experience you can in any department on campus and I think working at the Recreation Center will only help me in the future when I start my career. For students who have no work experience, I recommend trying to find a job with RecWell.”

If a practicum, internship, or graduate assistantship is what you need, RecWell offers excellent opportunities as well.

For more information, check out the Employment Opportunities page on the RecWell website.

Personal Training Programs at the SRC

Group exercises and personal training

The Student Recreation Center has two options for those considering a more personalized exercise regime: Personal training and group personal training. Using the SRC’s personal training programs is a great way to get motivated, learn how to exercise properly and effectively and improve your overall health. Karyn Smith, health educator for the Wellness Connection, sincerely endorses the SRC’s personal training programs due to their vast amount of benefits.

“Working with a trainer offers a multitude of benefits,” Smith said.  “BGSU personal trainers provide the assistance, direction, motivation and encouragement needed to start and continue a lifestyle of exercise.”

Also, group personal training offers the same great benefits as the personal training program however, it allows participants to socially interact with their friends and trainer while saving money at the same time. Group training is a great way for participants and their friends to enjoy themselves while they work hard and get fit, said Smith.

Both programs are instructed by a total of seven personal trainers. Each trainer has been certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, Aerobics and Fitness Association of American or American Council on Exercise and their workouts adhere to ACSM and NSCA training guidelines. After the initial assessment, each client is matched with the trainer whose personality and fitness philosophy best fit their demeanor and fitness needs. This process ensures clients an optimal fitness experience which tailors to their individual needs. Follow this link for the trainers’ profiles.

Each trainer is passionate about helping people from all walks of life reach their optimal level of personal health. All personal trainers are currently students at BGSU and have received extensive instruction and practical training, said Smith.

“They are trained to help with goals such as weight loss, aerobic fitness, muscle toning, strength building and flexibility, and enjoy finding creative and fun ways for their clients to be more active,” Smith said. “In addition, all of our trainers are nationally certified and maintain First Aid, CPR and AED certification.”

Those who are interested in either personal training or group personal training can check out the SRC’s website for further information about costs, body fat testing and scheduling and registration. Also, those interested may call the SRC front desk at 419.372.2000 to speak with a SRC representative.

SRC Holiday Membership Specials

The Student Recreation Center offers two holiday membership specials. Take advantage of them today!

Last Friday, the Student Recreation Center launched its seven-month-long membership specials for this year’s holiday season. The SRC requests that BGSU affiliates and community members take advantage of these holiday specials which are scheduled to end May 4, 2012.

“These membership specials allow individuals to recreate, socialize and become physically active throughout the winter season when exercising outdoors becomes difficult/uncomfortable.” said SRC Facilities Assistant Director, Dave Hollinger.

The reduced membership rates include the Snowbird Special intended for individuals with or without children and the Family Holiday Membership Special for families with or without children. Please note that both regular season and holiday season membership rates do not include the cost of parking passes. Also note that the cost per dependent child is $10 for both regular and holiday season membership rates.

For less than a dollar a day, the holiday membership specials allows full SRC facility access to BGSU affiliates and community residents. As with regular season membership plans, the SRC holiday specials do not include access to group exercise or the climbing wall, however, these facilities can be accessed for an additional nominal fee.

The Snowbird and Holiday Family Membership specials last one to three months longer than regular, semester-long membership plans. Fall semester memberships cost $120 for BGSU affiliates, $144 for community members, and last for six months. Spring semester membership plans have the same rates as the Fall semester plans and last a little over four months. Compared to regular semester membership rates, community members can expect 13 percent off for the Snowbird Special as well as three additional months in the Spring and one additional month in the Fall.  Community members can also expect 19 percent off for the Family Membership Special as well as an additional one or three months depending on the semester.

For BGSU affiliates, the Snowbird Special costs an additional $5 however, the holiday membership last one or three months longer than regular semester plans. The Family Membership Special reduces costs by $6 for BGSU affiliates and, as previously mentioned, lasts one or three months longer.

Those interested in participating in the SRC’s membership holiday specials must call SRC front desk at 419.372.8454.