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Spring ’09 Slo-Puck: March 22, 2009 Summaries

B League: Miller’s All Stars vs. Trotters

Final Score: Miller’s All Stars – 0, Trotters – 8

In what turned out to be a one sided contest, this game was by far the most physical and tight-checking game of the season.  Trotters won the game by a score of 8 – 0, led by goalie Brian Contris and two goals by Zach Martin.  Although, the score does not reflect his performance goalie Steve Branam of Miller’s All-Star made some great saves and had an overall fine performance.

Star # 1 – Brian Contris
Star # 2 – Zach Martin
Star # 3 – Steve Branam

B League:  Iceholes vs. Team Toad

Final Score: Iceholes – 6, Team Toad – 3

This game was a close competitive game from the beginning to the end.  The Iceholes and Team Toad traded goals during the first period.  However, the Iceholes scored four of the last five goals of the game to end with a 6 – 3 win.  Peter Hotaling led the Iceholes with five goals and an assist, while Sean Shapiro was sharp in net.  Mike Varga, Nick Shriner, and Steve Mason each scored a goal for Team Toad.

Spring ’09 Slo-Puck: March 19, 2009 Summaries

A League: Team Iceland vs. District 5

Final Score: Team Iceland – 10, District 5 – 13

This was a close game with quite a few goals.  The two teams traded goals for the first 12 minutes, and then District 5 began to pull away.  During the final 10 minutes of the first period District 5 scored four goals.  They kept their four goal lead into the first minute and a half of the second period until Team Iceland made their comeback and elevated the score to 11-9 with 15 minutes remaining.  Team Iceland’s comeback fell short and District 5 defeated Team Iceland 13 – 10 overall.  Joey Harris led District 5 with three goals and two assists.  Teammates Brady Fredrick had four assists, Pierson Halleck had two goals and two assists, and Eric Blasiman had three goals.  Team Iceland was led by Trevor Langels with three goals and two assists and Joshua Schmidt with three goals.

Spring ’09 Slo-Puck: March 16, 2009 Summaries

A League: Becketts  vs. Brathaus

Final Score: Becketts – 4, Brathaus – 11

In what started out in a low scoring affair, Brathaus was able to find some offense late in the game to net 11 goals.  Nick DeSalvo led Brathaus with 3 goals and 1 assist, while Bret Heringhaus had a 4 point night of his own.  The scoring was pretty balanced for team Becketts but Matt Zielinski and Andrew Bosworth led their team with 2 points each.  Brathaus was able to outscore Beckettes 6-0 in the final period to win the game 11-4.

B League: Team Toad vs. Stigmach

Final Score: Team Toad – 11, Stigmach – 4

Team Toad was able to jump out to an early lead and never looked back.  Stigmach kept the score close in the first period, but Team Toad pulled away in the final two periods, led by Mike Richardson and his 7 points (4 goals, 3 assists).  Team Toad widened the goal margin with great play in the second period and Mike Varga was able to add 3 points to the score sheet.  For Stigmach, Cody Duncan was the lead scorer with 3 points, followed by Steven Hoyt with 2 points.  At the end of 60 minutes it was Team Toad – 11 and Stigmach – 4.

Shenanigans (Blue) vs. Mean-Valued Old Men (Red): Wednesday, December 3rd

As the Water Polo Championships were nearing, both Shenanigans and Mean-Valued Old Men were looking to continue their journey of winning the championship.  The two were meeting for the semifinals, but based on the performance that each team delivered it could have been the championship.  The match started out with both teams at each end awaiting the ref’s placement of the ball in the middle.  Once the ball hit the water, both teams scrambled for possession.  This proved to be the theme for the entire match and this was due to the goalies and defenders in front of them getting the job done.  While the defenses played good for the majority of the game, there was a period in the first half where there were about 12 goals in 10 minutes.  For the other 30 minutes, only 4 goals were scored.  Going into the half, both offensive attacks had to be happy with the results that were on the scoreboard (7-7).  The second half was not as forgiving to the offenses as there were only 2 more goals scored (both by MVOM).  Could this be because of conservative play?  Well, this proved to be too much for Shenanigans and MVOM advanced to the finals for Thursday night’s championship game.

Final Score: Mean-Valued Old Men–9    Shenanigans–7

Play of the game: Shenanigans makes a behind-the-back goal in the first period to take a 1-point    lead


Friends of Satan @ Phi Delta & Kappa Delta 1: Thursday, November 13th

Both Friends of Satan and Team Phi Delta and Kappa Delta were looking to collect a victory in this one.  The game got out to a quick start with the home team gaining 3 runs in the top-half of the inning, and Friends of Satan answering with 2 of their own.  FOS’s pitcher got some momentum for his team by preventing Team PD/KD from scoring in the 2nd, and this led to his team scoring 6 runs (maximum) in the bottom of the inning to take an 8-3 lead.  Team PD/KD was showing some fight as they scored 3 runs themselves in the top-half of the 3rd to bring it within a deficit of 2 (8-6).  The story of the game was responding to adversity on the part of Friends of Satan.  They scored 4 runs shortly after the 3 run performance of Team PD/KD and added 4 more in the next two innings.  The game was called in after the top of the sixth inning due to the 6 run rule implemented by league officials.  When it was all said and done, Friends of Satan capitalized with a victory.

Final Score: 16-8 in favor of FOS

Play(s) of the Game:

–FOS outfielder makes an over-the-head catch to end the inning

–FOS 2nd baseman charges for a chopper in front of the mound and gets tangled up with the umpire and         both fall to the ground (Noone was hurt).