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Spring ’09 Slo-Puck: March 29, 2009 Summaries

B League: Team Toad vs. Miller’s All Stars

Final Score: Team Toad – 8, Miller’s All Stars – 1

This game had a fast start as Nick Shriner gave Team Toad a 1 – 0 lead just 45 seconds into the game. Steve Mason then added to Team Toad’s lead with two goals along with Jacob Pfotenhauer scoring two goals less than a minute apart. Brad Fiske put Miller’s All Stars on the board with a nice breakaway goal that was assisted by Chris Conkey. Team Toad was able to pull away late with some goals in the third period making the final score 8 – 1.

B League: Ice Holes vs. Stigmach

Final Score: Ice Holes – 12, Stigmach – 2

This game was never in doubt. The Ice Holes controlled the game, which was called with a ten goal lead in the third period and a 12 – 2 final score. Peter Hotaling scored six goals for the Ice Holes and his teammate, Alex Mach, had two goals and two assists. The two goals for Stigmach were scored by Scott Swiczkoski.

Spring ’09 Slo-Puck: March 26, 2009 Summaries

B League: Team Toad vs. Trotters

Team Toad – 3, Trotters – 4

This was an evenly matched, competitive game that came down to the final seconds of play, but Trotters was able to hold on for a 4-3 victory.  Trotters scored all four goals in the first period.  Danny Senn, Duane Glase, Nicholas Perkins and Sterling Davis each had a goal.  Team Toad scored a goal each period;  Justin Hopfer, Nick Shriner, and Kenneth Starner each contributed.

Spring ’09 Slo-Puck: March 24, 2009 Summaries

B League: Stigmach vs. Miller’s All Stars

Final Score: Stigmach – 1, Miller’s All Stars – 8

This turned out to be a one sided contest.  Miller’s All Stars scored at least two goals each period and skated away with an 8-1 victory over Stigmach.  Brian Pautz led the way for Miller’s All Stars by scoring four goals.  Ryan Gorman added three assists, while Denis Paquet and Marc Spelar contributed a goal and assist each.  Steve Branam had a solid night in net for Miller’s All Stars as well.  Cody Duncan was the lone scorer for team Stigmach.

B League: Trotters vs. Ice Holes

Final Score:  Trotters – 4, Ice Holes, 2

Trotters was able to defeat the Ice Holes by a score of 4-2 in what turned out to be a low scoring game.  Daniel Dewyre and Denny Senn led Trotters with two points each, while Peter Hotaling led the Ice Holes once again.  Both goalies were able to keep their team in the game for the full 60 minutes, but it was Sean Shapiro who got the win.

Spring ’09 Slo-Puck: March 23, 2009 Summaries

A League: District 5 vs. Becketts

Final score: District 5 – 2, Becketts – 4

The game between Becketts and District 5 turned out to be a defensive battle, as both teams had a hard time scoring.  Becketts won the game by a score of 4 – 2 and was led by Austin Seiple who managed to record 2 assists.  Jimmy Spratt was able to get on the score sheet for the first time as well.  The goals for District 5 were scored by Craig Blasiman and Brady Fredrick.

Star #1 – Austin Seiple
Star #2 – Andy Ruehl
Star #3 – Craig Blasiman

A League: Team Iceland vs. Brathaus

Final Score: Team Iceland – 4, Brathaus – 14

This game featured many goals, however, the scoring was very one sided.  Brathaus jumped out to a 5 -1 lead after the first period and never looked back as they cruised to a 14 -4 victory over Team Iceland.  The game was stopped after Brathaus took a ten goal lead with two and a half minutes left in the third.  Kevin Rawlick led the way for Brathaus with four goals and four assists.  Tyler Jarosz had a goal and assist for Team Iceland.  Jordan Szpak, Adam Stasser and Justin Bauer also scored for Team Iceland.

Spring ’09 Slo-Puck: March 22, 2009 Summaries

B League: Miller’s All Stars vs. Trotters

Final Score: Miller’s All Stars – 0, Trotters – 8

In what turned out to be a one sided contest, this game was by far the most physical and tight-checking game of the season.  Trotters won the game by a score of 8 – 0, led by goalie Brian Contris and two goals by Zach Martin.  Although, the score does not reflect his performance goalie Steve Branam of Miller’s All-Star made some great saves and had an overall fine performance.

Star # 1 – Brian Contris
Star # 2 – Zach Martin
Star # 3 – Steve Branam

B League:  Iceholes vs. Team Toad

Final Score: Iceholes – 6, Team Toad – 3

This game was a close competitive game from the beginning to the end.  The Iceholes and Team Toad traded goals during the first period.  However, the Iceholes scored four of the last five goals of the game to end with a 6 – 3 win.  Peter Hotaling led the Iceholes with five goals and an assist, while Sean Shapiro was sharp in net.  Mike Varga, Nick Shriner, and Steve Mason each scored a goal for Team Toad.