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Summer Slo-Puck: A League Game 2 Summaries 7-8-08

Game 1 Summary: T-Rhyme vs. Danny Boys
The first game of the night was an exciting offensive game, seeing a total of 12 goals scored by the end. The night started off with back-and-forth scoring, Danny Boys then T-Rhyme, until the first period ended T-Rhyme on top 4-3. The second period was void of goals until each team netted one with less than four minutes remaining in the period. While the majority of the game was even matched, the third period was the turning point. In the third, T-Rhyme managed to outscore Danny Boys 3-0, and Robert Yohe netted his first hat-trick of the season for the final goal of the contest. T-Rhyme won in a great game, 7-5

Three Stars:
1. Robert Yohe (F; T-Rhyme; 3G 1A)
2. Craig Blaisman (F; T-Rhyme; 1PPG 1A)
3. Jeff Archer (F; Danny Boys; 2G 1A)

Game 2 Summary: Team Brett vs. Black Widows
The second contest of the night featured two fast paced teams, each capable of great offense. We were to see both teams put the puck in the net several times, yet settled for what turned out to be the most evenly played game this season! The score after the first and second periods did not tell the true tale of the game. Black Widows lead 2-1 after the first, and 4-2 after the second. In the third though, Team Brett tallied three goals with Black Widows only scoring once, bringing the game to a 5-5 tie. The shot total at the end was Team Brett 30, Black Widows 27; each team truly earned their point.

Three Stars:
1. Andrew Hess (F; Black Widows; 2G 1A)
2. Wade Lefevre (F; Brett; 2G 1A)
3. Trey Rishel (F; Black Widows; 2G 1A)

BGSU Stick-and-Puck Sessions

The BGSU Ice Arena is considering adding stick-and-puck sessions to our schedule this fall. This would be a time to work on fundamentals with friends, teammates, family, or individually: skating, stickhandling, passing, and shooting; all in a non-scrimmage environment.

We’ve put together a survey to gauge interest in stick-and-puck sessions as well as other BGSU Ice Arena hockey programs. This is a great chance to provide your input on the Ice Arena’s hockey programs – let us know why you participate (or why not). If you have not completed a survey yet, please open the attached file and fill out: you can either print it up and turn in a hard copy to the skate shop (attention Andrew or Denis) or use the text select tool and copy into a Word file and Email back to us (

Please forward this survey to other hockey players you know. Even if they don’t play here at BGSU, their input is valuable as well!

Thanks, and see you on the ice!


Summer Slo-Puck: B League Game 2 Summaries 7-7-08

Game 1 Summary: Fremont Alumni vs. Ice Hogs
The game was even matched for the entire first period, until Spencer Munger of the Ice Hogs scored the first tally with 1:18 left. The second period turned out to be completely different, with the Ice Hogs drawing blood three times and Fremont Alumni only scoring once. In the third, we saw the Ice Hogs score on 4 of 10 shots. In a game that startd out neck-and-neck, the lamp was lit and burnt out by the end of the game; Ice Hogs on top 8-2.

Three Stars:
1. Aaron O’Brien (F; Ice Hogs; 2G 3A)
2. Spencer Munger (F; Ice Hogs; 2G)
3. Chad Channing (F; Fremont Alumni; 2G)

Game 2 Summary: Fremont Ross vs. Habs
This high scoring matchup started out in great fashion; Edward Smith of Fremont Ross scoring shorthanded on a breakaway! Less than three minutes later, Ed Smith tallied his second of the night. Going into the second, the game looked pretty even. Edward Smith and sidekick Trevor Langel would spoil this myth though, connecting with one another a total of five times over the course of the game. In the end, the Habs could not keep the Smith-Langel duo at bay, losing 7-3 to Fremont Ross.

Three Stars:
1. Edward Smith (F; Fremont Ross; 5G 2A)
2. Trevor Langel (F; Fremont Ross; 2G 3A)
3. John Powers (F; Habs; 2G 1A)

2008 Summer Slo-Puck League: B League Season Opener 7-2-08

Game 1: Ice Hogs vs. Fremont Ross
In a game that featured a lot of scoring in the first, this battle became a defensive war by the second. The teams fought back and fourth down to the end. With 5 seconds to go in the game, a face off was taken in the Fremont Ross offensive zone. With only 1 second left, Trevor Langel of Fremont Ross tied it up, 3-3!

Three Stars:
1. Trevor Langel (F; Fremont Ross; 2G, 1SHG, GTG)
2. Matt Hershey (G; Fremont Ross; 89.2% save percentage)
3. Alex Binger (F; Ice Hogs; 2A)

Game 2: Fremont Alumni vs. Habs
The second game of the night featured Fremont Alumni and the Habs. This game was very productive for Fremont Alumni. At the end of the second, Fremont Alumni had taken a 5-1 lead. It only took a few minutes into the third period for Chad Channing to complete his first of two hat tricks! In the third period, both goalies saw many shots with Chris Wobser (FA) facing 11, and Jeremy Smart (H) facing 19! The game ended with Fremont Alumni on top 11-2.

Three Stars:
1. Chad Channing (F; Fremont Alumni; 6G 1A)
2. Trevor Langel (F; Fremont Alumni; 7A)
3. Chris Wobser (G; Fremont Alumni; 93% save percentage)