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The SRC Can Help Manage Your Stress Levels

Stressed out? Feeling down? The answer to these ails can be found in the BGSU Student Recreation Center.

Exercise provides a healthy way to alleviate distress, or “bad stress,” and at the same time, encourages a healthy lifestyle by promoting eustress, or positive stress which helps the body.

“We want eustress in our life as it adds excitement, zest, and thrills,” explained Dr. David Tobar, an associate professor of Sport Management at BGSU. “Exercise can provide eustress through challenging exercises and the thrill of recreational competition.”

The famous saying “too much of something is not a good thing” also pertains to exercise.

“Moderation is key,” said Tobar. “Athletes and exercisers can take it too far by training/exercising too hard and for too long. If their body does not have a chance to recover, it will begin to break down and symptoms/outcomes include overuse injuries, physiological/performance decrements, and mood disturbance.”

Having social support is another way to relieve stress. It’s documented that people feel better when surrounded by friends and family in social situations. Exercise often involves working with a partner or in some instances, a group or team, to provide the social support necessary to lead a healthy life. Tobar recommends to new exercisers to work out with a partner because not only is it fun and helps relieves stress, it assists you in committing to the program.

The Student Recreation Center (SRC) on campus has something that is sure to peak anyone’s interest. The SRC offers weight training, aerobic equipment including treadmills, stationary bikes, and an indoor track, to basketball and racquetball for competitors or those who are looking for a fun way to exercise. In addition, there is an Olympic-sized swimming pool complete with diving platforms, and a rock climbing wall for those interested in outdoor activities. Group activities are also offered to students who want to try something different like Yoga, Tai Chi, and spin classes, among others.

If you’re new to exercising, Tobar recommends finding an activity that you enjoy. It’s best to start gradually, make sure that you’re performing the exercise safely, wear the right apparel, and consult with your physician to make sure the activity is safe for you.

Whatever your preference is, the SRC and the Department of Recreation and Wellness can help alleviate the distress in your life and provide you with the means to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Golf Class May Be More Beneficial Than You Think

Do you need an extra credit next semester, and would rather take part in a fun, healthy activity rather than a traditional lecture class? If so, PEG 2460 Beginning Golf with Kurt Thomas might be right for you.


If the word “golf” sounds frightening, don’t be alarmed. The one credit hour course is tailored for those who have never picked up a club before, but at the same time it can also be beneficial for those who are experienced golfers. Thomas teaches techniques from how to grip a club to correctly swinging the club. Rules of the game are outlined in the class as well.

Kurt Thomas, has played golf and has been around the sport his entire life, starting at the age of five. Thomas received a Bachelor of Arts in 1988 and a Masters of Public Administration in 1991 both at BGSU. He is the Director of Golf at the BGSU Forrest Creason Golf Course and has held the position with the Department of Recreation and Wellness since 2006. Before becoming the Director of Golf, Thomas was the Men’s and Women’s Golf Coach and he began his career at BGSU as the Assistant Director of Golf in 1991.

As a player, teacher, and overall fan of the game, Thomas has seen the benefits of playing golf his entire life.

“Golf is a lifetime physical activity,” explained Thomas. “If you learn early, you can play throughout your entire life.”

During the first day of class, Thomas laughingly nailed the point home saying, “you don’t see many 80-year-olds playing basketball, do you?”

The physical benefits from playing golf have been documented. According to a study on the PGA Tour Website, walking a 9-hole course is equal to walking 2.5 miles, on average, in which the golfer burns approximately 721 calories. Swinging a golf club also helps build muscle and aides in flexibility which adds to the physical nature of the sport.

“On top of being a physical activity, golf is also a social activity,” added Thomas.

One of more important aspect of the game is the ability to help you build business relationships. Occasionally, business deals are made during a friendly game of golf. Thomas explains to his students that many individuals learn to play golf because of the networking possibilities having felt disadvantaged when their bosses and colleagues go to play a round of golf and they are left at the office.

If you’re a golf novice and feel anxiety when picking up a golf club, don’t fret. Beginning Golf is the perfect way to learn the game, as well as tweak the aspects of the game you need work on if you’re familiar with the links. So, if one of the many benefits that golf offers sounds interesting, taking Beginning Golf can be a win-win situation.