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BGSU has Big Plans for Ice Arena

In the 1960’s BGSU planned to expand when the Board of Trustees approved the construction of a building that would “improve and advance the health and physical education program on campus.” This building opened in 1967 and is known as the BGSU Ice Arena.

ice arena picture-1


Since then, the BGSU Ice Arena has brought opportunity for both students and the community of Bowling Green. Whether it is ice skating, hockey, curling, or other physical education activities, the Ice Arena is home to many different recreational and competitive activities.


Student Staff Spring 2009 001-1

Over the years the Ice Arena has undergone numerous renovations and expansions making it stand out from other arenas around the area. This year, BGSU has big plans to improve and expand facilities. The complete renovation includes:

  • New ice plant (including new compressors, chillers, dehumidification system(s) and boilers)
  • New lighting over the Main Ice (three times stronger than the current lighting)
  • New roof and gutter system
  • Masonry cleaning
  • Conversion of the Curling Ice to “multi-purpose” ice with boards, glass, and netting for hockey/skating while maintaining three curling lanes
  • Renovation of current locker rooms with benching, paint and skate tread
  • Addition of four new locker rooms on the footprint of the current Studio Ice

Director of the Ice Arena, Jeff Crawford, emphasized how beneficial these renovations are to BGSU. “These improvements make our facility viable and bring us, the BGSU Ice Arena, in line with other facilities in and around Ohio,” he said.


New 09-10 ice 017-1

New 09-10 ice 021-1

The Ice Arena is a significant part of the Bowling Green community. It is home to many skating greats such as Scott Hamilton, Alissa Czisny, and Ken Morrow. The University eagerly anticipates this renovation and has high hopes of the new arena.


The last day of operation for the 2009-2010 seasons is on March 28th. The Ice Arena is scheduled to reopen in late summer. For more information, or to contribute to the renovation click on the “Bring Back the Glory” tab on The Department of Recreation and Wellness Web Site.

BGSU Employees Have Opportunity to Compete

Every hard worker deserves some time for leisure. This spring Recreation and Wellness is offering an opportunity for BGSU faculty and staff to get out of the office and on to the golf course.

The 2010 BGSU Employee Wellness Golf League is a 16-week league that takes place every Thursday at 5:30 PM. The league begins on April 8th and goes through July 22nd at Forrest Creason Golf Course. The cost of the league per player is $13.00/week walking and $19.00/week with a cart. Each team will only play 9 holes per week.

Teams are made up of two people, at least one of them being a BGSU faculty/staff member. Employees can team up with family, friends, or another BGSU employee.  Each team is paired with another team of two every week to create a four-some at tee off.

The first two weeks are played to determine golfer’s averages and handicaps. They are played with the same format and rules as regular league play.  Actual league play will begin on the third week.

Scoring is determined on a point scale. Teams of two compete against other teams in the league and the other team in their foursome. Two points are earned for every team victory and one point is earned for ties. Team scores are recorded by each team on scorecards and must be complete and accurate when turned in.

Coincidently, golf is one of the most utilized social mediums in the corporate world. The sport consists of friendly competition as well as a great deal of communication and socializing. Why discuss business around a boring conference table when you can discuss it on the golf course?


Open positions are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis so contact Caitlin Spontelli today and register by phone, 419.372.9309 or email,

BIG Playground has BIG Turn Out.

The streets of Bowling Green were a little less populated this past Friday night as many students flocked to the recreation center for a healthier source of entertainment.


The Department of Recreation and Wellness hosted their 12th annual BIG Playground event Friday evening. The event is designed to prove to students that there are fun ways to spend weekend nights other than indulging in irresponsible behavior. Students received a free water bottle and extra goodies when signing a pledge to be responsible on spring break. The Department of Recreation and Wellness works hard every year to encourage student health and safety.



Despite the hazardous weather, students trudged through snow and slush to enjoy a series of activities including 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, an inflatable obstacle course, inflatable jousting and face painting. Many students took advantage of the free food and beverages that was offered as well.




Sophomore Audrey Backes decided to return after participating in the event last year. “This is a really good time of the year to hold an event like this. For me, this weather really puts a damper on weekends, and BIG Playground is a great way to have some indoor fun,” she said.


Freshman Taylor Tucker mentioned how she had been looking forward to BIG Playground to meet new people. “As a freshman you are always looking for ways to make new friends, BIG Playground allows you to let loose and do things you don’t normally do as a college student.” “I would definitely come back again,” she said.


Every year BIG Playground provides students with a great way to set responsibility aside while still being responsible. BIG Playground is proof that students can have a great time without making bad decisions.

Make a Splash with RecWell’s Learn to Swim

According to the USA Swimming Foundation, nine people drown each day in the United States. With warmer months on the horizon, water lovers should understand the techniques and safety of how to swim before making the plunge.

Recreation and Wellness’ Learn to Swim program provides community members with an opportunity to take part in swim lessons designed for varying ages and skill levels. Swimmers, ages six months to adult with a skill level of beginner to advanced, will be taught by fully trained certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors.

The program is divided into three different lesson types. Small Group lessons are designed for younger children. The lesson holds a minimum of four participants and a maximum of six. If the class does not meet the minimum number of participants it is cancelled, and private or semi-private lessons are recommended to those still interested.


Semi-Private lessons and Private lessons are also offered. These lessons are scheduled by appointment only. Semi-Private lessons are specialized and intensive lessons for ages three and up. This quick pace lesson instructs two to three previously assembled participants that demonstrate a similar skill level. Private lessons are similar to Semi-Private lessons, but are strictly one-on-one.

The program uses different activities for different lessons. For the younger participants, the program focuses on fun in water with activities such as water entry, bubble blowing, front kicking, back floating and underwater exploration. As children progress they will begin to explore the water through floating, submerging, kicking skills, and strokes.


The cost for each lesson varies by the type of lesson, the number of lessons, and whether or not the participant is a Student Recreation Center member.

It is important that people take swim lessons seriously. Simply acquiring basic skills can help in preventing serious accidents. Aquatics Student Supervisor Allyson Ruebusch stressed the significance of the Learn to Swim program and how it can be extremely beneficial to the community.

“The number of people who do not know how to swim is staggering. Thousands of swim related tragedies happen every year that could have easily been prevented by just a few lessons,” said Ruebusch.

Swimming can be a fun and healthy activity for people of all ages. However, it is very dangerous if one is not well prepared. The Learn to Swim program offers experience and expertise that can help you or your child learn potentially life saving skills that you will have for the rest of your life.


For small group lessons participants may register at the front desk of the Student Recreation Center or call 419.372.2000. For private lessons contact Micha Seither,

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, I’m a BGSU Kid.

Now, more than ever the pressure to become an adult at a younger age can really take a toll on students. The transition from painting toenails and playing video games to cramming for tests and working extra hours to make rent can be a tough one for college students. Imagine setting all adulthood worries aside and acting like a kid again. Now is your chance.

Last year’s Big Playground Event

The Department of Recreation and Wellness is hosting the 12th annual BIG Playground event. The event will be held on Friday, February 26th at the Student Recreation Center from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

BIG Playground is a late night alternative event. The event’s purpose is to show students there are healthy alternatives to a good time rather than drinking and partying. Activities include an inflatable obstacle course and jousting, two caricatures, a giant slide, 3 on 3 basketball tournament, a live DJ, sex olympics, disabled vision goggles, prizes and food.

Health Educator, Caitlin Spontelli explained how the event offers a fun and healthy learning environment. She said every year students respond positively to BIG Playground. “They enjoy having a night to let loose, meet new people, and release their inner child,” explained Spontelli. About 1,000 students participate each year.

BIG Playground is free to BGSU students with student ID and only $6.00 for guests. The first 100 people receive a free t-shirt. Don’t let the chance of indulging in your favorite youthful activities pass you by. Come to BIG Playground and be a kid again, guilt free! Call 419.372 WELL (9355) for more information.