Winter Safe Driving Tips

To help reduce the number crashes, especially fatal crashes, in Wood County, Safe Communities provides you with our top 10 tips to help keep drivers safe on the road.

10. Look out for pedestrians. Be cautious when driving near crosswalk, school zone, and high pedestrian locations. Familiarize yourself with the location of crosswalks and high traffic pedestrian areas.

9. Take a refresher course. There are opportunities for seniors and experienced drivers to take a refresher course to help ensure their family and friends that they are good to drive.

8. Drive defensively. Keep in mind other drivers and keep safe braking distances from the car in front of you. Remember if you are doubling speed the breaking distance becomes 4 times as far.

7. Look out for motorcycles. Even in cold weather, there are still motorcycles on the road! Be alert and aware of motorcycle riders.

6. Always be the driver you want your teen to be. Statistics show that your children start to learn how to drive, and your habits, from the time their car seat is moved to forward facing.

5. Know the restrictions on teen permits and license. Be familiar with the laws regarding teen drivers and make sure the teens follow theses laws while learning to drive.

4. Commercial motor vehicles are vital to our nation’s economy. While truck drivers do contribute to some traffic crashes, research shows that too many drivers of passenger cars unnecessarily endanger themselves by failing to recognize that trucks and cars differ in their handling characteristics.

3. Focus on driving. Driving is already multitasking don’t add more distractions. Eating, drinking, smoking, fixing hair or make-up, or using a cell phone should be avoided while driving. Hands free texting and calling is still distracting; use these devices sparingly.

2. Don’t drink and drive! If you are buzzed or have had too much to drink, call a friend, family member, or taxi to take you home.

1. Always wear your seat belt!

For More Information:

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  • Safe Communities Coordinator, Sandy Wiechman
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