Pressureburgh – Week 2

HealthTrip: Pressureburgh, Week Two!

 Congratulations to all those who completed the Aerobiquerque challenge and submitted their travel logs. A BIG congrats to our monthly raffle winner, Nancy Boudreau, for winning a heart rate monitor!

Do you know your numbers?

It is estimated that one in every three American adults has high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke, congestive heart failure, and kidney disease. Public health officials report that more than one in five (22.4%) people with high blood pressure don’t even know that they have it — often because there are no signs or symptoms of high blood pressure. The individual doesn’t look or feel sick. This is the reason why high blood pressure is often referred to as the “silent killer.”

If you don’t already know what your blood pressure numbers are, make it a priority and take the time to find out. Taking a blood pressure reading is quick, easy, and painless and is the only way to determine high blood pressure. Find out your numbers by stopping by one of our Pump Stations!

This Week in Pressureburgh

  • TODAY! Move-It Monday:  Join Karyn Smith on Monday, March 10, from 12:15 – 1:00 PM in Bowen-Thompson Student Union Room 314 for a wonderful lunchtime workout!  Changing into comfortable clothes and fitness shoes is recommended.
  •  Pump Station:  Stop by the Falcon Health Center on Wednesday, March 12, between 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM to get your free blood pressure screening.

Don’t forget to check out the monthly calendar for all of the events and activities that are planned for your Pressureburgh itinerary!

Fun with Food

Check out these recipes from the American Heart Association for some delicious ideas for low-sodium meals at all times of the day!

Tortilla Scramble

Four-Onion Dip

Savory Sweet Potato Fries

Salmon with Tomato-Basil Salsa

Looking for something different?  Check out the American Heart Association’s Low-Sodium Recipes webpage by clicking HERE.

Fun with Fitness

Limited workout time? Try these tips to add more movement to your day:

  • Instead of sitting down while talking on your cell phone walk laps around your house or climb the stairs.
  • While waiting for food to cook in the microwave or in the oven do as many jumping jacks or another cardio move as you can until your food is done.
  • Prior to getting in the shower, take 10 minutes to complete THIS short cardio interval.
  • Use commercials as movement breaks.  While watching your favorite show try to do as many lunges, sit-ups, or push-ups or any other type of exercise during commercials until your show comes back on.

HealthTrip Resources

Rack up those miles!  Earn one Frequent Mover Mile for each minute of aerobic activity you complete. Plus, add up to one bonus mile per day by completing the Pressureburgh challenge.  You have until March 31 to collect as many Frequent Mover Miles as possible.  Record your miles on your Travel Journal and send your completed log to Taylor at  All travelers who submit their logs during the month of March are entered into a raffle to win a great Pressureburgh souvenir!  Achieve over 600 miles and earn 2 entries into the drawing.

Remember to bookmark and check out the Rec Well Wire blog for weekly updates and additional resources to assist you on your HealthTrip Journey.

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