Stars on the Ice – Retrospective

This page was originally created in 2011 at the beginning of a research project involving the BGSU Ice Arena when the facility was part of Recreation and Wellness.

Bowling Green State University’s Ice Arena was opened on February 25, 1967 and in the past 44 years of operation; it has seen its share of memorable moments and prominent skaters. Due to financial issues in 2009, the BGSU Ice Arena was almost shut down and the hockey team lost. However, the community and University joined hands and together saved the arena and hockey program through a combination of state money and private donations.

As a result of almost losing the arena, many people have looked back into its history and remembered the “glory days”. The BGSU Development Office has established a campaign and foundation to shed light on the amazing history of the BGSU Ice Arena. Link here to learn more about the BGSU Ice Arena and help Bring Back the Glory.

Joe Fumia at the BGSU Ice Arena

This blog series, authored by Joe Fumia, is a tribute to the great names who have graced the halls of the BGSU Ice Arena and shared the ice over the years. The idea is to highlight some of the greats who have learned and honed their skating skills at Bowling Green State University and gone on to create a legacy for themselves.

Some of the greats to be featured in this blog include:

The blog series is featured twice a month