Personal Training Programs at the SRC

Group exercises and personal training

The Student Recreation Center has two options for those considering a more personalized exercise regime: Personal training and group personal training. Using the SRC’s personal training programs is a great way to get motivated, learn how to exercise properly and effectively and improve your overall health. Karyn Smith, health educator for the Wellness Connection, sincerely endorses the SRC’s personal training programs due to their vast amount of benefits.

“Working with a trainer offers a multitude of benefits,” Smith said.  “BGSU personal trainers provide the assistance, direction, motivation and encouragement needed to start and continue a lifestyle of exercise.”

Also, group personal training offers the same great benefits as the personal training program however, it allows participants to socially interact with their friends and trainer while saving money at the same time. Group training is a great way for participants and their friends to enjoy themselves while they work hard and get fit, said Smith.

Both programs are instructed by a total of seven personal trainers. Each trainer has been certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, Aerobics and Fitness Association of American or American Council on Exercise and their workouts adhere to ACSM and NSCA training guidelines. After the initial assessment, each client is matched with the trainer whose personality and fitness philosophy best fit their demeanor and fitness needs. This process ensures clients an optimal fitness experience which tailors to their individual needs. Follow this link for the trainers’ profiles.

Each trainer is passionate about helping people from all walks of life reach their optimal level of personal health. All personal trainers are currently students at BGSU and have received extensive instruction and practical training, said Smith.

“They are trained to help with goals such as weight loss, aerobic fitness, muscle toning, strength building and flexibility, and enjoy finding creative and fun ways for their clients to be more active,” Smith said. “In addition, all of our trainers are nationally certified and maintain First Aid, CPR and AED certification.”

Those who are interested in either personal training or group personal training can check out the SRC’s website for further information about costs, body fat testing and scheduling and registration. Also, those interested may call the SRC front desk at 419.372.2000 to speak with a SRC representative.