SRC Holiday Membership Specials

The Student Recreation Center offers two holiday membership specials. Take advantage of them today!

Last Friday, the Student Recreation Center launched its seven-month-long membership specials for this year’s holiday season. The SRC requests that BGSU affiliates and community members take advantage of these holiday specials which are scheduled to end May 4, 2012.

“These membership specials allow individuals to recreate, socialize and become physically active throughout the winter season when exercising outdoors becomes difficult/uncomfortable.” said SRC Facilities Assistant Director, Dave Hollinger.

The reduced membership rates include the Snowbird Special intended for individuals with or without children and the Family Holiday Membership Special for families with or without children. Please note that both regular season and holiday season membership rates do not include the cost of parking passes. Also note that the cost per dependent child is $10 for both regular and holiday season membership rates.

For less than a dollar a day, the holiday membership specials allows full SRC facility access to BGSU affiliates and community residents. As with regular season membership plans, the SRC holiday specials do not include access to group exercise or the climbing wall, however, these facilities can be accessed for an additional nominal fee.

The Snowbird and Holiday Family Membership specials last one to three months longer than regular, semester-long membership plans. Fall semester memberships cost $120 for BGSU affiliates, $144 for community members, and last for six months. Spring semester membership plans have the same rates as the Fall semester plans and last a little over four months. Compared to regular semester membership rates, community members can expect 13 percent off for the Snowbird Special as well as three additional months in the Spring and one additional month in the Fall.  Community members can also expect 19 percent off for the Family Membership Special as well as an additional one or three months depending on the semester.

For BGSU affiliates, the Snowbird Special costs an additional $5 however, the holiday membership last one or three months longer than regular semester plans. The Family Membership Special reduces costs by $6 for BGSU affiliates and, as previously mentioned, lasts one or three months longer.

Those interested in participating in the SRC’s membership holiday specials must call SRC front desk at 419.372.8454.