Become a SRC Member, Save Big in Fall

Parking Passes and Membership Plans are Half-Off

Becoming a Student Recreation Center (SRC) member has serious financial benefits, especially for the remainder of the Fall semester. The SRC is currently offering memberships at pro-rated costs. This means that SRC membership costs are 50 percent off until Jan. 18, 2012. Membership plans include access to general SRC facilities, group exercising and climbing wall facilities.

Originally, an individual seeking SRC membership could expect to pay $144, however, with the current pro-rated costs, such individuals need only pay $72. The same goes for couples as well. Normally, couples are required to pay $246 but now, they need only pay $123. This is an amazing opportunity to get involved with the SRC and take advantage of its facilities.

The best part about this deal is that it doesn’t stop at membership costs. It also includes parking passes as well. As a general rule of thumb, all vehicles parked in a University lot must have proper BGSU parking tags. Luckily, with the new, Fall semester deals, parking pass costs are also half-off, meaning it costs only $6 to park on campus for the rest of the semester.

To acquire a permit, bring a completed Parking Permit Order Form (available at the SRC Front Desk or through Parking Services) to the BGSU Visitor Information Center, or BGSU Parking Services.  A receipt showing proof of membership is required.

There are 20 types of membership plans a person can purchase. To see which plan best suits you please visit the SRC website. Please note, that full year memberships are not included in the new deals for the Fall semester. If you need further information, please call the SRC front desk at 419.372.2000.