Intramural Ultimate Frisbee Champs: Friends of Jesus

Friends of Jesus celebratory huddle
Friends of Jesus teammates huddle up for the last time this season.  They end their regular season with a 3 – 1 record and win the championship game against Kettering Kounty.

Last week, the Ultimate Frisbee playoffs were held at the Perry Field House over a period of two days. Friends of Jesus squashed the competition and were the overall victors. Intense and aggressive, Friends of Jesus played their first playoff game against team Phrenocon last Tuesday night and wiped the floor with the competition gaining a 10-point lead by the end of the game. Phrenocon team captain, David Harrand, said his team seriously underestimated their competitors and the near shut out by Friends of Jesus upset their usual cooperative attitude with one another.

“We made the mistake of playing in our flag football game just before our frisbee game thinking that Tuesday night was going to be as easy as the regular  season was.” said Harrand. “We clearly weren’t prepared. We were down early in the game and instead of working together we criticized each other. No one was on the same page and everyone wanted to play their own way.”

After a big win against Phrenocon with a final score of 7-17, Friends of Jesus were scheduled to play Kettering Kounty the following night in the championship game.

The Kettering Kounty defense intensifies as Friends of Jesus’s Holden Smith nears the end zone. Ahmed Hayat (center, back, left) attempts to tear away from the Kettering Kounty defense to assist Smith.

Unlike Phrenocon, Kettering Kounty team captain, Nathan Wahle, understood that Friends of Jesus were serious competition.

“[We knew] it would be a tough game to win because we knew how good they were.” said Wahle.

With two teams prepared and ready to play, competition was fierce. The championship game began with an intense alternating goals between the two teams. Within the first two minutes of play, Friends of Jesus scored. Within seconds, Kettering Kounty tied up the game, however, Friends of Jesus quickly gained another one-point lead. This type of intense gameplay continued throughout the championship.

In fact, gameplay became so intense that twice “things got a little heated,” Wahle said. In the second half, a Friends of Jesus offensive player made a beautiful diving catch into the end zone. Friends of Jesus teammates cheered and Kettering Kounty teammates jeered, insisting that the frisbee hit the ground first. Ultimate Frisbee is known as a “gentleman’s sport” which means teams are expected to rely on the honor code in terms of play discrepancies. In the end, they determined the pass to be complete and Friends of Jesus went on to win the championship with a hard-earned win of 13-11.

Participating in intramural sports is a great way to stay active, be competitive and interact with people. According to Scott Sehmann, assistant director for intramurals and sports clubs, nearly 6,000 people participate in intramurals annually, earning approximately $65,000 for the University Sehmann said.

“Our offerings are as vast as any institution in the country and we typically have more divisions(levels of play) then most institutions as well giving more participants an opportunity to compete for an IM Championship title and T-Shirt.” said Sehmann.

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