Summer Slo-Puck 2009: Week 8

The Summer Slo-Puck regular season concluded on August 10th with Fremont Ross playing D’Brickashaw and Ice Wolves facing Ross Alumni. The first game was well played by both teams. Fremont Ross scored with 4:10 and 1:46 remaining in the third period to win 9-7 and secure second place in the standings. Tyler Jarosz led Fremont Ross with 5 goals and 2 assists. Adam Hoffman added 3 goals and 4 assists. Ryan Whitson had 3 goals and 2 assists for D’Brickashaw.
In the second game Ross Alumni dominated most of the game and came away with a 9-3 victory to complete an undefeated season and claim the top seed in the playoffs. Mike Smith led the way with 5 goals and an assist. Trey Rishel had a goal and an assist for Ice Wolves.

Final Standings
1) Ross Alumni 8-0
2) Fremont Ross 4-4
3) Ice Wolves 2-6*
4) D’Brickashaw 2-6*

*-D’Brickashaw and Ice Wolves tied with a 2-6 record. The first tiebreaker was the team’s head to head record, which was also tied 1-1. The second tiebreaker was the goal difference in head to head games. In the two games the teams played against each other, Ice Wolves had a total of 19 goals, while D’Brickashaw had a total of 13 goals; therefore Ice Wolves are the #3 seed.
Semi-Finals Schedule
8:00 PM – #2 Fremont Ross vs. #3 Ice Wolves
9:30 PM – #1 Ross Alumni vs. #4 D’Brickashaw