Spring ’09 Slo-Puck: March 19, 2009 Summaries

A League: Team Iceland vs. District 5

Final Score: Team Iceland – 10, District 5 – 13

This was a close game with quite a few goals.  The two teams traded goals for the first 12 minutes, and then District 5 began to pull away.  During the final 10 minutes of the first period District 5 scored four goals.  They kept their four goal lead into the first minute and a half of the second period until Team Iceland made their comeback and elevated the score to 11-9 with 15 minutes remaining.  Team Iceland’s comeback fell short and District 5 defeated Team Iceland 13 – 10 overall.  Joey Harris led District 5 with three goals and two assists.  Teammates Brady Fredrick had four assists, Pierson Halleck had two goals and two assists, and Eric Blasiman had three goals.  Team Iceland was led by Trevor Langels with three goals and two assists and Joshua Schmidt with three goals.