2008 Summer Slo-Puck League: B League Season Opener 7-2-08

Game 1: Ice Hogs vs. Fremont Ross
In a game that featured a lot of scoring in the first, this battle became a defensive war by the second. The teams fought back and fourth down to the end. With 5 seconds to go in the game, a face off was taken in the Fremont Ross offensive zone. With only 1 second left, Trevor Langel of Fremont Ross tied it up, 3-3!

Three Stars:
1. Trevor Langel (F; Fremont Ross; 2G, 1SHG, GTG)
2. Matt Hershey (G; Fremont Ross; 89.2% save percentage)
3. Alex Binger (F; Ice Hogs; 2A)

Game 2: Fremont Alumni vs. Habs
The second game of the night featured Fremont Alumni and the Habs. This game was very productive for Fremont Alumni. At the end of the second, Fremont Alumni had taken a 5-1 lead. It only took a few minutes into the third period for Chad Channing to complete his first of two hat tricks! In the third period, both goalies saw many shots with Chris Wobser (FA) facing 11, and Jeremy Smart (H) facing 19! The game ended with Fremont Alumni on top 11-2.

Three Stars:
1. Chad Channing (F; Fremont Alumni; 6G 1A)
2. Trevor Langel (F; Fremont Alumni; 7A)
3. Chris Wobser (G; Fremont Alumni; 93% save percentage)