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Bringing Children to Art- Bringing Art to Children and the trip to the museum

Filed under: Uncategorized — rdannen at 8:08 pm on Sunday, March 1, 2009

The article Bringing Children to Art- Bringing Art to Children, is about the importance of art in children’s life. The aricle first talked about being in the museum for teaching and learning.  The author states how critical it is for children to be around the original works of art to view the art firsthand.  Being in the museum encourages them to see the work of art from multiple perspectives and it enhances the communication with the children.  I think having children around works of art will expand their learning and understand of art.  Another way to help the children appreciate art is to bring the art to them.  The author explains the idea of portable children’s museums where children can use their previous museum experiences to create a museum of their own.  This helps them make artwork relatable to their everyday life in any way that they want to.  The idea of portable children’s museums gives students access to the artwork between visits to the museum and helps them make connections with art to other subjects that they already know.  I thought the article was successful in explaining the importance of children being able to access art in different ways.  The author stated key points in helping children expand on their previous knowledge of art and I think anyone becoming a teacher should read this article.

After taking a trip to the museum, I can see why the author thinks museums are an important part of children’s life.  Not only are they educational for the children’s growth, but they are also interesting to explore.  That was the first time I had been to a museum and I actually enjoyed it.  I think I will go to a museum again and I will definitely take my class on a field trip to a museum.

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