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VWER Auditorium Build (Part 2)

The second half of the VWER build involved the stadium seating on the other side of the auditorium structure. This space will be used for presentations and for VWER roundtable meetings. We already had some basic seat architecture built, but I worked to integrate this into the existing structure. The space beneath the seating also needed to be a usable space.

The first thing I did, before beginning the seating, was to add railings on the ramps and walkways throughout the auditorium.

I also used railings to create a small observation deck for the main meeting space.

The next step in the build was to replace the walkway on the second floor, above the bleachers. This walkway was left over from the previous build and needed to be reintegrated into the architecture.

I achieved this by realigning the walkway with the top of the bleachers and smoothing the floor until it all matched and fit into the build.

Next, I looked at how to solidify the edges of the walkway on either side of the seating. On the outer side (away from the ramps) I made a small platform and extruded the prim below it to create a solid object. On the inner side I created a similar platform, but left the space below it open.

With the upper walkway more or less completed, I turn my attention to the space below the bleacher seats. This space will most likely be used as some kind of meeting space, so I needed to make defined walls and maximize the space available. I started by making the walls and building an angled ceiling.

There was still a small space left open to the bleachers at the entrance of this space, and I filled the gap by building an extension of the upper-level walkway and extending it to the floor, creating a wall.

The final result was a room with enough space to be used as a meeting room, built right into the architecture of the seats.

The final pieces of the build were to integrate the upper level floors and add railings to the second level. (I also added some footers to railings in the rest of the build.)

With this complete, the VWER build was completed (and just in time for their first meeting).


UPDATE: Since completing this build, the VWER group decided on a different approach to utilizing this space, and most of the work done in this post is no longer present in the VWER space. Oh well, such is life ๐Ÿ™‚


UPDATE 2: I recently ran out of space to host images on my blogs.bgsu.edu account, so I’ve started hosting them on my personal server space and linking all of the images in posts. If you come across a link that doesn’t work, please let me know in a comment or message. Thanks!

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