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Faculty Office and Auditorium Floors

Now that ArtsX is less than 48 hours away, I have been putting the finishing touches on the Wolfe Center and knocking out anything that I’ve been putting off. I recently completed a faculty office (which can be duplicated if we need more faculty offices) and also am within striking distance of finishing the main auditorium. The office I furnished with furniture I had used for the lounge in the hallway (couches), items from the freebie store (bookshelves), and items from the computer labs (computers and chairs). The only thing I modeled specifically for this space was the desk. The only problem I have with the office is that it seems really tiny. I’m not sure of exactly how big the offices will be, but I’m worried that people could have a problem with the size (especially if they’re moving into that office next year). Maybe I can shift some walls around or rescale some furniture before ArtsX to make it more open.


The other thing I recently completed was the stepped floors in the main auditorium. These floors are essentially the aisles people walk in to get to their seats. However, since the rows of seats are curved, it was difficult to make a curved floor to match them.

I solved this problem by first creating a square prim that I rotated around the auditorium and matched up with the first row of chairs. Each floor panel was rotated 10° and to fill in the gaps I added small rectangular prims in between the floor panels.


Once I had one row finished, I linked all the panels and just scaled up the aisle to match the higher rows of seats.


The final thing I did was texturing the floors throughout the auditorium using a carpet texture that I recolored to match the renderings.


Today I will be adding the small stairs and handrails that go on the sides of each row of seats, and I will be adding a copy of the grand piano from the choral rehearsal room to the stage. After that I just need to clean up a couple textures and the main auditorium is done.

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