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Large Auditorium Seating

This week I have made a great deal of progress on the Wolfe Center’s main auditorium. This auditorium is one of the major elements of the building, and it crucially important for the presentation at ArtsXtravaganza in December (specific information about ArtsX is forthcoming). With the tech level completed,┬áthe first phase of the auditorium was putting in the seats. The auditorium is supposed to seat approximately 400 people. I used the same seats as in the small auditorium so as to keep prim counts low and to have uniformity throughout the building.

Before beginning to lay out seating, I first constructed a simple curved partition that would act as a railing. To do this, I simply created two small sections of wall and rotated them around until I had a large ring. I then moved this ring into place and deleted what I didn’t need. I used the same technique to create a row of chairs behind the partition.

With this first row (located on the upper level) completed, I duplicated the seats and moved them back to make a second row. I broke the row into several sections which I repositioned to account for the difference in length.

I used this same method of expanding the rows to add the rest of the seats.

Once I had all of the rows spaced out appropriately, I added single seats to fill in the spaces in the rows. I then duplicated the rows of seats and moved them to the lower level.

After completing the seating that surrounds the stage in the auditorium, I copied the seating from the small auditorium and adjusted it to fit on the stage level in the middle of the auditorium.

Finally, once all of the seats were in place, I put in the floor at a slight angle to accomodate the elevation of the seats.

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