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Archive for August, 2010

Freebie Store Work & New Projects

• August 30, 2010

This past week I put in several hours worth of work on the windows of the BGSU Freebie Store addition. It turns out the reason it was taking so long was because I was working with the orientation set to world instead of local. Needless to say, I got the rest of the windows done […]

Cotton Candy Stand

• August 16, 2010

Another small project that I worked on was building amusement park attractions. One of these structures I made is a cotton candy stand. I tried to keep the structure simple and made the stand with as few prims as possible. I have not yet added the sign that goes on the top of the cotton […]

Pirate Ship

• August 16, 2010

In addition to my work on the Freebie Store, I have also been working on several side projects. One of these is a ship that is being built in the inlet on the island. The structure of the ship is nearly completed and just needs a few modifications. Preliminary ┬átextures on the ship are in […]

The Freebie Store Addition

• August 16, 2010

In order to provide more space for expansion in the Freebie Store, I have been working on creating some wings on the building. These wings will come off the sides of the structure and will double the area of the second level of the Freebie Store.