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Current and Past Projects

This post will give a summary of projects I have completed in the last few weeks, as well as an overview of what I am currently working on.

The BGSU Freebie Store:

This project involved remaking the BGSU Freebie Store, where visitors to the island can get free objects, skins, scripts, and many other items. I was given a plot of land to work on and set out designing a modular store that had different rooms for different types of items (see below).

Freebie Store 1 Freebie Store 2

Freebie Store 3 Freebie Store 4

Freebie Store 5 Freebie Store 6

Freebie Store 8 Freebie Store 9

After completing this structure, I was instructed to revise the building to be more easily accessible, and elegant. Instead of editing this structure, I designed and built a new structure, which is currently acting as the BGSU Freebie Store.

New Store 1B New Store 2B

New Store 2d New Store 3B

New Store 3d New Store 4d

New Store 5d

When designing this structure, I tried to consider what was needed as far as space, and also thought about what things in Second Life make the architecture different from reality. What I settled on was a very open structure with a glass roof, and a balcony that can be used as an entrance by visitors who are flying in SL. Right now I have only moved the crates from the previous locations into the store, but in the future I am planning on building new containers for the various items in the store. I am also currently working to add some more variety to the architecture and to make the building look more uniform and complete. Part of this is designing wings that will extend form the sides of the building, to allow for expansion.

I have recently completed several of the new item containers, which can be seen below.

Clothing Racks

I made some garment bags and a clothing rack to hold the various avatar skins and clothing items in the store. Eventually these bags will have a tag or design on them that will say what they contain.

Books 2c

I also created books and a bookcase to hold things like scripts and other programming items.

The Freebie Store is the major project that I am working on presently, and I will continue to update my progress as I go.

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