Digital Generation

Kids today are so much more technically educated and experienced from 5 years ago and especially 10 years ago. Not only are they getting the experience at home using computers, video games, cell phones, but also at school. It seems more and more schools are working with students that have iphones, ipads, etc. to help them develop and be more creative and expand their social skills in a different way. Such as working together to study or tutor each other.
Today’s generation is all about social networking using Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, etc., even though it seems like a problem they are finding out that it may be helpful in the classroom. One teacher is trying to challenge her students to be more multi-tasked, by letting them text in class while she is teaching and talking about the lesson. She feels it will help the student develop great working skills in the future.
After listening to Katie Salen I am convinced that game playing is a great way to get students to learn and expand their thinking- like thinking “outside the box”. When students have to explain the process of the game and have them put on paper has proven to be very interesting and successful. Using more tech tools in the classroom will be a challenge for me, first I am not teaching on a regular basis as of now and secondly I am still learning the tools. I want my students to be informed about all the options of technology. Overall I feel that using technology is the only way to go in education. Trying to fight it will be too difficult and a lost battle.

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