Out-of-state student gives tips on how to manage being so far from home

devinHow do I manage being an out-of-state student?

-Make sure you have a “slush fund.” I cannot express how important this is! When I got to BG, I didn’t have a lot of money in my bank account. The little I did have went very quickly and then my parents came to the rescue. Unfortunately, not everyone has that option to turn to for extra money and this is why your slush fund is important. The slush fund should only be used for traveling or emergencies and you shouldn’t make access to it too easy.

-Utilize the BGSU Counseling Center. I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve had times when I needed to talk to someone, but no one was available. I turned to the Counseling Center and I’m glad I did. The biggest thing I can say about the Counseling Center is to give it a chance. Not everything can be solved instantly and the first visit is usually just trying to figure out how they can help you. Once everything is set up, you can meet with the same person every week free of charge.

-Familiarize yourself with the laws or restrictions of your new location. An example of different laws is my prescription. In Pennsylvania, my doctor can write me a three-month supply, and I can get it through a mail order for a great price. In Ohio, I can only get a 30-day supply at a time, meaning I can’t get a discount through the mail-order prescriptions. Another example is my car’s inspection. Make sure you have at least one time to travel home in a year’s time. My two inspection stickers on my front windshield expire once a year. If they expire before I can make it home, the Ohio police won’t care, but that means I can get pulled over by the Pennsylvania police as soon as I cross the border. This is not something you want to worry about when you travel home.

-Make great friends and never be afraid to ask a question. Since I’ve started at BG, there have been a few times when I couldn’t travel home and it wasn’t because of the cost. Some of the breaks are much too short for it to make sense to travel home. The problem with staying is that you may feel lonely or literally aren’t allowed to stay in your residence hall room. Sometimes the dorms close down for short breaks. Some of my friends have offered me to go home with them for break and stay there, come for Thanksgiving dinner, or swing by do a fun activity with their family if I’m staying at someone’s off-campus place. I was lucky to be offered these opportunities by friends, but sometimes you may have to ask.

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