‘I love being a lesbian woman on BGSU’s campus’

nikkiAs a gay student here on campus, I’d say it is no different from being heterosexual.

A lot of incoming, and even current students, are afraid to be “out” with their sexual preferences.

They fear not being accepted on campus or they think it will limit their opportunities, but it’s actually the complete opposite.

When I first arrived on campus, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) resources were in the forefront, along with the rest of the campus resources.

The LGBT community is ever prevalent and present on our campus; it isn’t something that sits in the shadows. We are very much accepted and appreciated.

A lot of student organizations are very welcoming of our community, and we are oftentimes asked to speak at events about our experiences as LBGT students.

BGSU offers a few different support systems and organizations for the LGBT community on campus.

There are a few organizations that host regular meetings in which the LGBT community comes together in an effort to support one another. Sometimes they will just do homework together and reflect on the week. Or they will plan an outing for all members to be involved and engaged.

I love being a lesbian woman on BGSU’s campus because it brings a sense of pride to you as a student.

A lot of people admire us for being brave enough to openly disclose that about ourselves and own it. It earns us a few cool points!

I would say not to be discouraged, but to just be yourself and you’ll find your niche somewhere on this beautiful campus! Roll Along!

LGBT Resource Center

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