Outdoor Program trips aren’t just for athletic-type people

If you love the outdoors, or even if you don’t, I recommend getting involved with the Outdoor Program.

As an environmental science major, I suppose that I may be a bit biased on recruiting students for this program (because I’m constantly looking for a way to get outdoors already). BUT it really is much more than walking around in the woods with a bunch radical eco-obsessed students.

In the past few years, the program has tried to become better-rounded in the types of trips it offers to students.

Throughout the year, it has programs based around day hikes, canoeing, camping, horseback riding, climbing, etc.

Some may think that only athletic individuals with lots of confidence and knowledge of the outdoors attend these trips, but you couldn’t be more wrong!

Students and faculty members of all degrees are welcome on most of the trips, and the staff does an excellent job of making everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

I think that this program is a great way to forget about the perils of classes and discover yourself in a totally different light.

The trips are meant to challenge you and allow you to interact with people who you otherwise might never meet, while also shedding some light on the Leave No Trace Principals (necessary for any outdoor activities).

For incoming freshmen, this is the perfect way to transition yourself into the next stages of your life.

I’ve been attending various Outdoor Program events for the past three years here, and on each one I have learned something totally new about myself.

The OP will provide you with most of the gear you need for whatever journey you are embarking on, and it also provides you with a packing list and pre-trip departure meetings in order to make sure you are adequately prepared for the trip.

There is a fee associated with each individual trip, but the staff does try to make it as cheap as possible WITH a discount for students!

If you have any questions about the program, I suggest taking a look at past and future trips on the website:
Safe Travels!

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