Long-distance relationships in college can work

Dating in high school was easy. Seeing your boyfriend every day, even if you didn’t attend the same high school.

College would be totally different.

Two hours, 110 miles and nine months apart.

My boyfriend and I started dating during my junior year in high school.

We were worried that our relationship would end when I went away to college.

Of course, he could visit and I would go home, but would it be enough? Could we survive the distance?

None of my friends were going to college in a long-distance relationship. I didn’t know anyone who went to college and continued to date their high school boyfriend or girlfriend.

Everyone was telling us to take a break, spend some time apart and get to know ourselves.

Everyone told us that we were too young to be so serious.

People would tell us that our relationship wouldn’t last because I was going to college where there would be so many people to meet.

That isn’t what either of us wanted. We wanted to at least try.

My boyfriend told me that if we could make it through my first year of college, we were meant to be together.

We both knew that it would not be easy, but we were still going to give it our all.

We were both had concerns about meeting other people. That would only go away with time.

What did we do? We called, we texted, we Skyped. We made sure that we communicated every day.

He visited me at least once a month. It seemed like the weekends that he visited always went by so quickly. Whenever I went home for breaks, we tried to spend as much time that we could together.

People assume that being in a long-distance relationship while in college never works out. That isn’t always true.

I have now been with my now-fiancé for about six years. In August we will have made it through the duration of my college career.

I would not say that it was easy, but nothing ever is.

My advice to anyone going to college in a long-distance relationship is to not call it quits right away. Put in the time. Make the time. Communicate. Be understanding. If it is meant to be, it will work out.

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