Getting the Hang of It by Carla

Spring semester started today.  I woke up at 6:30 this morning, to a dark room and a burst of excitement. There’s something great about the first day of school. I feel a little like a kindergartener in this sense.

I’ve knocked out two classes, with one left before I can call it a day. The day has gone smoothly, even while sifting through the busy bookstores to buy textbooks. The first days of school in August were chaotic—and rainy, if I remember correctly—and nothing like today.  It would definitely seem that I’m getting the hang of this.
My class schedule is convenient, to the say the least: some classes where I live, in Harshman, and nothing back-to-back, so you won’t see me making mad dashes across campus. My course load is a good mix of general education classes and classes that pertain to my major. I kicked off the day to a positive start with an education class. The professor is hysterically entertaining, the material is fascinating and relevant, and the class carries fifteen field hours, which will be undoubtedly fun. I’ll be completing them at Wood Lane, where I’ve wanted to volunteer since I got here. My second class was similarly interesting and entertaining. I shouldn’t jinx it, though. I have an honors science class here in a few minutes.

Once I was unpacked last night, I pulled out a book appropriately titled “College Rules: How to Study, Survive, and Succeed in College.” I read over a few key parts in preparation for the fresh start. You can find books like this anywhere, and you can find shelves of them in a Barnes and Noble. Unfortunately, they generally state the obvious, and they’re all basically the same. Regardless, I kind of like them. At some point in the next four months, I’ll feel stressed and exhausted. I’ll lose my notes, I’ll lose my wallet. I figure (foolishly, maybe) that if I read a little bit of this book every week, I’ll run into these situations less often. Whatever happens, spring semester will still be an improvement over fall semester. I’m sure of that. Why? Because I am finally getting the hang of it.

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