Home Sweet Home by Carla

Exams are over, grades are posted and I am home, celebrating the holidays with family. What could be better? I looked forward to this break for many reasons, but namely, I could not wait to sell back textbooks, toss old papers and start a new chapter of my college life. As soon as I’d finished my last final, I cleaned my room once over and packed my car. From here, it was just a waiting game.  I had a fair idea of what my grades were, but it would be about a week before they were posted. I made it home, kicked back and relaxed—being sure, of course, to check my Blackboard grade book every thirty minutes.

Driving home on the slick, snowy roads, I thought of a few things I’d like to say to ODOT.  When I arrived, however, my complaints were forgotten. I sat down with my mom and talked about exams and final grades. I told her what I knew: my finals had gone smoothly, I’d left my room in perfect condition and I’d even made a profit in book buybacks. Together, we agonized over the wait of final grades. We made speculations. I panicked over certain classes but rested assured over others. The waiting game continued.
I heard—via Facebook, predictably—that grades were due back by the Tuesday following exam week. Whether I was holiday shopping, watching Law and Order or just getting out of bed, I made a habit of whipping out my phone and pulling up my Blackboard account. I happened to be sitting next to my mom when I logged on to find that each was finalized and posted. I nearly screamed. “4.00,” I told my mom, passing her the proof. “Call your dad!  Tell your dad!” she squealed. We celebrated with lunch at the Olive Garden.
With the wait finally over, my winter break seemed infinitely more relaxing. I’ve been enjoying all of the amenities that I can only find at home: parking in a garage, staying up late, using extension cords. I’m making the most of these three weeks, for sure. Home, sweet home.

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