Guest in Your Home by Demetrius

Fall Break has come and gone, and though I did not go home because I was touring with the amazing Bowling Green Men’s Chorus, I have heard so many stories of how some first year students feel like a stranger in their home when they finally go home for more than just a weekend.

My best friend and I were having lunch the day she returned from our hometown, sadly coming back to BGSU from her beloved family. She told me how when she first walked in the door and greeted her parents and made herself comfy, she realized how she actually had an overnight bag, just to stay a four-day weekend at the home she had always had clothes and hygiene products available to her, and never had to worry about bringing them.

“It was such a weird feeling knowing that my old room was missing some of the main parts of it that I loved so much, and that I had luggage for the night time!…”…said my best friend.

I guess I can relate. Whenever I call home to my grandma, or to my mom, I always feel like I am probably disrupting their lives because they could just be getting in from work and I don’t know what’s what in THEIR houses anymore. I guess it’s change that scares me the most, and really any kid that is leaving home for the first time. You always want to know NO MATTER where you go, when you go home, it is always a safe place that you are so comfortable with because you have everything that you could possibly want and like there.

I guess my “advice” or rather “heads-up” here is this: Parents will love their kids FOREVER. When you go home, that should be one of the few places on Earth where you can go, open up the fridge and it not be an issue. BUT!!(there’s always a but)…things change. Not so much as change where you can’t go in the fridge at your own will, but change as in the feeling of it, the happiness of it and just embracing the little time you’ll have over a break with your family. By the way…the fridge is just a metaphor ha. That’s all I have for now, more coming soon!

Love, Meech(:

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