College Communication by Rebecca

When I graduated high school, I assumed that I’d be leaving the high school drama behind with the rest of high school. Turns out, it’s just translated into college drama. Right before fall break, you could practically see the tension in the hallway. I assumed that fall break would give everyone a chance to calm down and chill out. I was definitely wrong on that one. I got back Tuesday night and all I could hear was yelling. Everyone was all wound up. Drama with roommates, drama with friends, drama with significant others. It all came down to lack of communication.

I think basically everyone needs to calm down and talk about their problems with the people that they’re upset with. They talk to everyone else in the hall about what’s going on, and that doesn’t get anyone anywhere. People feel the need to choose sides, which breaks friendships and is just all around annoying.

Point of the matter is, if you have an issue, you need to talk to whoever you’re unhappy with. Communication is number one. It’s your problem and you don’t need to bring other people into it.

Just a quick little reminder to all you guys out there—Saturday is Sweetest Day. Make sure to get your girl a little something. A card, some flowers, dinner, something sweet. It is Sweetest Day after all! She’ll appreciate it and be surprised that you remember. You can thank me later J

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