Stress-Free Zone by Carla

This past week, the honors program put on an event called the “stress-free zone.” Its purpose was to ease stress over midterm exams with treats like Cookie Jar cookies and catered Tim Horton’s breakfasts. 

I never got the chance to enjoy the free doughnuts or the notoriously good cookies—ironically, I was too stressed by my typical, hectic week-day shuffle—but I hear the food was amazing. On the upside, I did pass through the Honors Loft on my way to class one day and treat myself to a free breakfast bar.  I have to applaud the students and staff who coordinated the “stress-free zone.” Doughnuts or no doughnuts, the idea was relaxing. 

I can’t speak for anyone else, but exams make me go a little crazy. I had two this week, and I will have another upon my return from Fall Break, and while they never end up as bad as I’ve envisioned them, the process isn’t fun.   

If you’re reading this, you survived midterm week and passed successfully into the nice feeling of Fall Break. It’s a pretty good trade-off. I sacrificed some sleep last week to study. This weekend, I sat around lazily, indulging on Olive Garden breadsticks and reading. 

I lost the most sleep over my Educational Psychology exam. In my psychology class, there are three staggered multiple-choice exams and no final. While my roommate was sleeping, I made myself comfy in the computer lab and tackled big chunks of my textbook. Thursday afternoon, I called my mother for some reassurance. I nervously ate my way through a bag of fruit snacks. Finally, I sat down to the exam, moved quickly through the questions, and laughed at myself. The exam followed the tradition of being much easier than I’d thought. 

One of these days, I will find a calmer approach to the perils of college. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of chances. Exams aren’t going anywhere. When finals roll around in December, the honors program will host another customary “stress-free zone.” I won’t pass on the Cookie Jar cookies the second time. Whether you de-stress with cookies or a visit to Starbucks or the rare treat of a nap, I highly recommend you do de-stress. Find your own stress-free zone and take a deep breath. With the right preparation, exams are not as awful as they seem. Some even end in four-day weekends.

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