Invisible Children by Rebecca

Last Tuesday here at BG, the organization Invisible Children came to speak. Invisible Children is an organization that works to get children out of being child soldiers. Basically, in Uganda there has been a war between rebel group the Lord’s Resistance Army, more commonly called the LRA. The LRA is led by a man named Joseph Kony who kidnaps kids and forces them to fight for his army, which is only 10% adults and 90% children.

Invisible Children works to rescue these kids from their forced military service and then work to help these kids go to school. They provide what is called a Legacy Scholarship to help turn these kids into an educated generation so that they can make Uganda better.

BG was lucky enough to have Jimmy, a former child soldier and a Legacy Scholarship recipient, and Richard, Jimmy’s mentor, come to speak. It was wonderful to hear their stories, and I was really moved by their stories. I ended up buying a bracelet that was made by a former child soldier. The money from the bracelets goes to support the former soldiers so they have income and a way to pay for school and families.

Invisible Children also sells bags, shirts and other merchandise made in Uganda to help these former soldiers. If you’re interested in learning more about it visit or join the BGSU Invisible Children group on Facebook. The link for that is!/group.php?gid=117218571651301.

Invisible Children was one of the best parts of my week this week. I’m so excited for tomorrow to come (Friday) so I can go home for the weekend. It’s finally fall break, so I don’t have classes on Monday or Tuesday, which makes it nice because I’ll be able to spend time with my family more than if I just went home for a weekend. I’ll be going to my little brother’s birthday party and applying for jobs back home so I can work over breaks. It’s been quite an eventful week and I’m expecting the weekend to be similar.

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