Homecoming by Demetrius

Geesh!!!! I had NO CLUE how different homecoming would be in college compared to high school. I did know that I would not have the problem of having to ask someone to the homecoming dance, but I did know that I would have to find a group of people to go to the game with ha. Well, in my case, it was choosing the group I wanted to go with. Of course, I chose to go with my two best friends I have here at BG. It was one of the BEST days I’ve had here. The day before all of the homecoming festivities began, there were all of these beautiful decorations on the second floor pavilion area of the Jerome Library – all of them a little symbol of appreciation for the awesome alumni.

It is always so cool to see alumni of whatever school you are going to. It was always fun for me in high school because you saw all of the adults in your community who were once in your shoes, but what’s great about college is that …well…not only were the alumni once in your shoes, but a great deal of them have gone off and become distinguished individuals throughout the country, or for a few, the world.

Seeing some of these people gather at the library gave me the feeling of “one day Meech, that will be you. Moreover, one day, some kid is going to be walking by thinking the same thing to themselves looking at you.” It’s a sort of eerie feeling, but at the same time you love it and it feels so right. Seeing some of these alum mingle and  listening in a bit, I heard them talking about the game they were eager to get to …JUST LIKE ME!!! Hahaa

So Saturday was the homecoming game and it was SO COOl. I loved how before the game they introduced the homecoming court which was really cool, and I loved how everything was just planned out so traditionally and nicely to really give the effect of a laid back but ROWDY atmosphere to students and alum. But after all of those events were done with the homecoming court, it was game time…and…BG PUT ON THEIR GAME FACES..but we lost, but oh wellsss it’s just a game ha.

Well, now its time for me to get to my studies, and that’s all I have on that…hope you enjoyed

Love, Meech (:

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