Blending the “Then” with the “Now” by Demetrius

When you’re a kid, everything is so easy. When you want to make a mud pie, you go and find some way to do it. You have time to spend on doing nothing with your friends. By the time you reach middle school, you start going through changes and you have your best friend there to give you any support, or the much needed random laugh of the day so you can make it through. By the time you get finished with the hellish hole of high school, you and your best friend(s) have gone through so much that there is no way you are letting them go because you love them like they were practically birthed from your mother.

Then, college happens. If you’re lucky (like me) your best friend will come to school with you, and if you’re not, well just read this post for fun because its not really going to apply to you hahaha (:

One of the hardest things I have had to do  is sustain a healthy ‘BEST FRIENDSHIP’ with my best friend while we are both here. The calls of college life and her are tugging at me and honestly, I am about to break.

I love my best friend, she is just like my sister, but when we were in high school it was so much easier for us to make a plethora of time for one another. Now that we are here starting our own lives and I am sometimes (or all the time) immensely busier than she, it puts a damper on a friendship that at one point in time was this invincible bond. Not that our bond is being broken here, but I am having a hard time balancing both friendship and my life.  I wish things were just easier and that I could have my cake and eat it too, but everyone knows that’s not possible. However, I REFUSE to let my friendship go down the drain because of my major.

However, let’s not forget, it takes two to tango (hahaha my lame cliché of the day). If best friends are ever put in this situation – and one friend is busier than the other – the friend that is less busy needs to be understanding. College is a time for exploration of who YOU are, and this is a path I am finding is imminent and needs to be taken.

I guess the advice I am offering is this: friendships are tricky once you branch out into your “real life” (as I like to call it). Ya know? The life that you lead when you are finally on your own. When you begin to hit the rough patches, make sure you keep communication lines open for your best friend, make sure you guys understand where one another is coming from, and most of all, don’t let college life deflect you from the bond you share with them. Take that for what it’s worth. More coming soon (:

Love, Meech (:

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