Some Relationship Advice by Rebecca

This weekend has been pretty laid back so far. A lot of the girls on my floor have gone home for the weekend. Last night, I hung out with my friend Makenzie for a little while and then we headed over to Active Christians Today because they were having a (FREE!) cookout. What college student in their right mind would turn down free food? It got really cold last night, so Makenzie and I didn’t stay long. I met some people who thought it was crazy that I got to blog for BG, they were so jealous!

So far today, I just sat around and did homework. I also worked on cleaning my room (it needed it!) and put up some cute lights my roommate bought. I’m really excited because my boyfriend is coming to visit me this evening. It’s nice because I haven’t seen him in a few weeks – he goes to college in Cincinnati, where I live.

I’ve come to realize that long distance relationships are harder than I thought. We haven’t been having any problems and I completely trust him, but being away is really difficult. When we were in high school, we were able to see each other at least once a week and we talked on the phone every day. Now that we’re in college, I’m lucky to see him every other week and I get to call him maybe once or twice a week.

So the advice I’d give to anyone else looking to try making a long distance relationship work is not to give up. It’s hard to be apart for now, but college is generally four years, and four years is a really short time in the grand scheme of life. If you want to make it work, you can. I guess if I had to break it down, these would be my rules for long distance relationships:

1.     Don’t be clingy – Yes, being away is hard, but being a “stage 5 clinger” (as my roommate would say) will not help your relationship at all.

2.     Make sure you can trust each other – If you are constantly worrying that your significant other is off with some other guy/girl, then you won’t be able to focus on anything else and your relationship will fall apart.

3.     Remember that it’s okay to have fun without your significant other – Sitting in your dorm room every night alone is not going to help anything. Having fun without your significant other is not a sign that you aren’t committed.

4.     Get Skype – Sometimes “Skype dates” are going to be the only way you can “see” your significant other. But make sure you don’t abuse it. Skyping every single night goes back to not being clingy. You don’t want your significant other to feel that you’re constantly checking up on them.

If you keep these rules in mind, then you should be able to make your relationship work. And always remember – you’re at college now! If it doesn’t work out, then there are plenty of guys/girls for you to meet!

Till next time!


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