PCC at the Zoo by Rebecca

I am in a learning community called Partners in Context and Community (PCC). The focus of PCC is to train future teachers on how to teach in an urban environment. I really enjoy PCC because I get to meet people with similar career goals as mine and it gives me 50 hours of field experience per semester, which is a good amount – for a freshman especially. A requirement of PCC is that each student has to attend one professional development event per semester.

This semester I was able to attend a conference at the Toledo Zoo. I went along with about eight other PCC members. It was a really fun time. We didn’t really have time to walk around and look at the animals, but that’s okay because that wasn’t the focus. The main focus of the conference was to show teachers how to use the Toledo Zoo to meet content standards for their students. It was nice to experience the programs the students could experience.

I was sad because I am used to going to the Cincinnati Zoo often back home. I am hoping to make it up to the Toledo Zoo again soon. I love going and looking at all the different animals. It should be a fun time and I’m hoping to get a group of PCC students together to go up and visit the zoo. There are a ton of great places for young children to visit while up there, but I think it will be fun for a big group of college students as well.

Other than the zoo, this week has been pretty uneventful. I just finished up eating cookies I ordered from The Cookie Jar. The Cookie Jar is located in downtown BG and they deliver hot, fresh cookies. They also deliver milk, frosting and ice cream sandwiches. Talk about the freshman 15. I can definitely say I’m glad The Cookie Jar doesn’t take meal plan, because if it did, I would be eating cookies every night. They even have a creative cookie every day. Today’s was Mud Pie. It was a chocolate cookie with fudge in the center with crushed Oreo cookies and a gummy worm on top. They were so delicious but I wasn’t able to finish the two I ordered (you have to order at least 6, so a few of us split the order). The cookie of the day on Friday is pumpkin and I can’t wait! I’ll report back how they are.

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