Falcon Victory by Carla

If I could, I would cheer from the bleachers at every Bowling Green football game.  Unfortunately, I could not be in Ann Arbor to see my team play Michigan today.  I doubt I’ll make many away games.  Fortunately—or in that case, unfortunately—there will always be someone to tell me the score.  Michigan might have conquered us, but Marshall had no such luck last weekend.  The home opener was a pretty awesome display.  I got a glimpse of the fierce school spirit students and alumni can muster when everyone whipped out the orange and brown last Saturday. 

 The first home game was something to see.  The hours leading up to it made for some interesting times, too.  My hall pre-gamed with face paint and root beer pong.  I captured a few entertaining pictures of the action.  I enjoyed free food and had my face colored orange and brown before heading to the game with friends. 

With a look around the campus, school spirit was unmistakable.  Students had apparently taken advantage of the clothing sales going on at the Student Book Exchange because everywhere I looked I saw school colors.  Traffic was packed, and tents and trailers were set up around the stadium.  We looked like the quintessential college town.     
My group arrived early and snagged good seats.  The bleachers filled out quickly, with Bowling Green fans on both sides.  The crowd resembled a pie chart a little bit, with one small sliver dressed in green for Marshall.  Call it luck or the home-court advantage, but we were about to declare victory over this West Virginia university. 
The game kept fans on the edges of their seats.  We pounded our inflatable noise-makers to the tune of fight songs and cheered faithfully through the off-and-on rain.  Bowling Green won with a final score of 44 to 28.  The air filled up with fireworks.  The crowd tied deflated noise-makers together at the ends to form a chain.  I have to envy the endless energy of the players, the cheerleaders and the marching band.  Personally, I went back to the dorm and fell asleep.  I look forward to watching another fiery victory next weekend.

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