Decisions by Rebecca

This week has been rough for me. I am an Early Childhood Education major and I was going to also attempt a minor in German. My German course this semester proved to be harder than I had expected, and I decided to drop it. It was a hard decision in the first place to try to drop it, but I am also considering not minoring in German because it will give me the opportunity to graduate a semester early.

That doesn’t sound like such a hard decision, but it has been a rather unpopular decision with my mom. She feels like I should try to continue with my German studies, which I can understand, but I feel it will be more beneficial to me to save the money I would spend on that semester and try to jump right into my career.

College really is all about growing up. I’m making my own decisions for real now. It’s not like high school where my mom had to sign off on my schedule every semester to indicate she approved. I can take whatever classes I want, and if I decided to change my major to something completely different, I wouldn’t even have to tell her if I didn’t feel like it. It’s definitely a huge change for me. I have always looked to my parents (but especially my mom) for approval throughout my life. Now, even though I call her for advice, I know I don’t have to follow it if I feel like it’s not the right decision for me.

I know it isn’t easy for my mom to let go of me and let me be independent, but she’s doing the best she can. And she really loves when I fill her in on what’s going on, whether she agrees with my decision or not. So, always call or text your parents. They appreciate the contact. They want to know you remember them. And even though my mom isn’t exactly happy about my decision, I feel a lot better and a lot less stressed about everything knowing I don’t have that extra class to worry about. I’m glad I made a decision for me for once.

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