Getting Into the Swing of Things by Rebecca

The past two weeks have been so busy around BG. Between finding my classes, doing homework, meeting new people and doing all kinds of fun things on campus, I’ve hardly had time to do anything else.  I love being so busy on campus.

One of my biggest fears about coming to BG was being able to find my classes. I was so relieved to find that I was easily able to find all the buildings I needed to and when I got lost, there were plenty of friendly Falcons to help me find my way to classes. I definitely psyched myself out about learning campus; I am now easily able to navigate almost all of campus without a map.

There are tons of ways to get involved on campus. This past Thursday was Campus Fest where I was able to learn about all kinds of clubs and events on campus. At first, I didn’t want to go to Campus Fest at all because I was tired and I didn’t feel like going. My roommate Victoria and my next door neighbor Kayla made me get up and go. I was really glad I went because I got information about curling club, German club, Early Childhood Education and the women’s rugby team. I’m not sure I’ll go out for all of these activities, but I’m glad I got information on all of them.

I have also gotten involved in my dorm hall’s Hall Council. I didn’t get an executive position, but I still want to be involved in making decisions. I plan on running for floor representative so I can help voice the opinions of the people who live on my floor. I’m really hoping that I am voted to be the floor representative.

I went home to Cincinnati to visit my family and friends over Labor Day weekend and I’m not going back to BG until tomorrow morning. Though it was really fun to be home this weekend, I am already itching to get back to BG. The fall air is starting to move in and I love campus life. I can’t wait to see the whole campus make the transition from summer to fall and see all the trees turn colors. It’s only been two weeks and I’m already in love with BG!

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