Movie Press Kits: A Goldmine of Information
Thursday July 17th 2008, 3:26 pm
Filed under: News

The BPCL has a large collection of movie press kits, both print and electronic, available for research use.  For those who are not sure what a movie press kit is, it is a collection of materials to advertise a new film.  They typically, with some exceptions, contain cast and crew listings, still photographs from the film, information on the production itself, biographical information on the cast (the more major characters) and on the main members of the crew (director, producers, writers, editors, cinematographers, production designers, soundtrack composers, costume designers), and, oftentimes, scripts that can be read on the radio or posted in theaters to promote the film.  Newer press kits on CD or DVD often include the above items, but also color photographs, downloadable images or files, a link to the film’s website, and the film’s trailer.

Some of this information cannot be found anywhere else (e.g. production information, biographical information), which is why movie press kits can be a valuable resource for film researchers.

The BPCL is in the process of cataloging our press kits which can be browsed by a local call number search on presskitsbox.  For those press kits not yet cataloged, we have a master list in our reference area.  For assistance with this collection, stop by our Reference/Service Desk.