It’s November Sweeps, kids!
Thursday November 08th 2007, 11:45 am
Filed under: News

Sweeps hits us four times per year: February, May, July, and November. That’s when you’ll see the big guns rolled out on your favorite TV shows: riveting cliffhangers, celebrity guest stars by the dozens, and other stunts to ensure that ratings skyrocket. Why? Advertising. Viewership is used to set local advertising rates for the rest of year. Why only four times per year? When Nielsen first began collecting viewer data, they couldn’t afford to collect data all year round. If you’d like to read more about Nielsen ratings, try The Nielsen Ratings in Perspective (it’s a little dated, but is good background information). For more current information, try the Nielsen web site. Slate has a good overview of sweeps as well.

Up in the BPCL, in honor of November Sweeps, we have decked our display areas with TV trivia (guess the right answers, get something free) and other TV-related resources. Come on up and take a look!