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Dipzines (a.k.a. Diplomacy Zines)

Diplomacy zines (or dipzines) are based on the board game Diplomacy created by Allan B. Calhamer in 1958. The board game is set in Europe in the era before the beginning of WWI and is played by 7 or fewer players. Each player controls armed forces of a European power: France, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Turkey or England. Diplomacy was the first board game to generate an active hobby with amateur fanzines (dipzines) being played by mail. The first dipzine title published was Graustark, published by Dr. John Boardman in 1963. Other titles followed in the 1960s and some continue today, either by mail or electronically by e-mail or online.

The Browne Popular Culture Library holds the Hoosier Archives collection and other donations of dipzines.

A portion of these zines are cataloged and available by title in the BGSU Libraries Catalog or browsable by the call number dipzines.  The rest of the collection will be in the catalog as soon as possible.  Stay tuned!