American Indian Cultural Regions

This is a plan used by the Ohio Department of Education on American Indian Cultural Regions:  underground houses – ODE IMS – Ohio Department of Education (

It is not a bad plan at all but it could use some changes that include:

Time:  This is a very long, detailed and extended plan and a week is definitely not the time limit for a plan of this magnitude when regarding Native America.

Native Nations:  Add more Native American Nations to the regions.  There should be no less than 10 Native American Nations listed for each region.   It is imperative that students know what the official names of these Nations are today and what they call themselves.

Resources:  Like most State Departments in Ohio, the State has forgotten about its Native American Population and Native American Resources.  So when ever any educator does anything related to Native America in any subject they need to take advantage of the many Native American resources in their own backyard right here in Ohio.

Vocabulary:  The vocabulary for this plan would be massive as it really needs to include any and all words not familiar to students related to Native America.

Old Theories/Stereotypes:  Stay clear of any old theories of Native Americans migrating to North American via some land bridge, etc.  This has been de-railed by just about any and all Native American Nations and most recently in the past 15 years by the Scientific Community.  Also be very careful of stereotypes on Native Americans and make sure to correct them.  Seek out advice and information on Native Americans from Native Americans.


  1. Edith Rudy
    10:48 pm - 6-11-2018

    Wonderul plans Jamie. I learned a lot and hope to use these in my classes in the fall. Thanks for having this blog and I will use it to teach about the American Indian Culture and not use the texts books we have that I now know are very badly written.

  2. Douglas Nenry
    8:25 pm - 10-18-2018

    Nice meeting you at Mississinewa 1812. The War Council was very moving and really made my kids think about what bad things the Americans did to the Indians. My son is still singing your songs and wants to see you at Five Medals too. Thanks again for a great weekend.

  3. Jean Palmer
    7:10 am - 1-1-2019

    Thanks for this wonderful information! I would like to use it in my classes for this spring semester.

  4. Jay Henn
    10:27 am - 1-22-2019

    Wonderful. I need this for my geography class please.

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