I am Jamie K.Oxendine. I am from The Great State of North Carolina. I presently reside in Columbus, Ohio and Laurinburg, NC.

I have several years of teaching in both NC and OH.  I teach Music and Native American Culture.

I work with several virtual classrooms in Ohio and across the country. I also work with several Native American Nations and schools on American Indian Reservations.   I have taught part-time at the University of Toledo in the Anthropology Department for the class “Indians Of North America.”  I also served as the Native American Liaison & Education Consultant for Ohio University.  I taught “Native American Culture” and “Native Americans Of The Great Lakes” and “American Indian Tribes Of The Southeast” at Lourdes University in NW Ohio.

I work on the Living History Circuit and the Native American Powwow Trial as an Emcee, Arena Director, Head Male Dancer, Storyteller and Writer. This keeps me very busy with as many as 30+ events all over the United States and Canada. I also write for www.powwows.com on Native American Culture.

As for DI, well considering its basic definition, I have been doing that for years and years. The concept of meeting all individual student needs and helping every student meet and exceed established standards is what I have always tried to accomplish.

With the Professional Practice Continuum I found that I am about in the middle (2.5).  I find that I am not in any of the level one concepts.  For the rest of the levels I am in 2 and 3.  Still being in level 2 on some is due to the fact that I may be in a rut of doing things and hopefully this class can help me find a way out of the rut.  The other is that I find that some concepts of level 2 are perfect for music performance and American Indian Education as some in level 3 are not very conducive to teaching music especially musical performance.  I also find that some concepts of level 3 are not beneficial in American Indian Education.

Learning Styles Inventory Scores:

Linguistic 32
Mathematics 29
Visual/Spatial 34
Body/Kinesthetic 40
Naturalistic 46
Music 45
Interpersonal 36
Intrapersonal 46

Here is some more information on who I am:

Jamie K. Oxendine

A Native American of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, Educator, Historian and Speaker. He has been an Adjunct Professor of Native American Studies at Bowling Green State University, Ohio State University, University of Toledo, Lourdes University, and has served as the Native American Liaison & Education Consultant for Ohio University. He has served on the Board of Trustees for the Ohio Humanities Council, Board of Trustees for the Fallen Timbers Battlefield Preservation Commission and Governor Appointee to the Ohio Historic Site Preservation Board. He has also sat on the ACCESS Grants Panel with the National Endowment For The Humanities.


  1. Deborah Ackley
    4:45 pm - 6-7-2011

    I am very impressed with your Multiple Intelligence scores. You must be able to reach your students on many levels, which I’m sure would make DI easier for you. I also congratulate you on being a 2.5 on the Teacher Continuum. I find myself close to a 2, but wanting to learn more so that I can raise that score.

  2. Patient Warrior
    7:43 pm - 6-7-2011

    Thanks for the compliment Deborah, it is greatly appreciated. I think I have always had DI in my blood but never knew what it was called or that it even existed as DI. Being raised very Traditional and spending time on Tribal Territory and Tribal Reservations has given me a very unique perspective on the world and thus a very unique perspective on Education.

  3. Lisa Bodi
    9:47 pm - 6-9-2011

    This blog is very impressive. I must say that it is an honor to be in a class with someone of your stature. I feel like I live in a fishbowl sometimes and so your background, culture, and perspective is quite refreshing.

  4. Patient Warrior
    2:17 pm - 6-10-2011

    Thank you very much Lisa. May I say it is truly an honor to receive a fine compliment. Well you may feel like you live in a fishbowl but I am sure you do not. But even if one sees from a fishbowl always remember that view is one of greatness and vastness as you have a clear 360 view of the world. Thanks again.

  5. Ike Ellis
    8:46 am - 11-26-2019

    Hello Bro. Loved your presentation at the American Indian Heritage Celebration in Raleigh. Can you send me more infor on your teaching practicum please. I will use your books for my classes too!

  6. Peter Reese
    5:34 pm - 4-21-2020

    Hello Jamie. This is good and to the point. This should be required for all teaching.

  7. Peter Home
    11:12 pm - 8-2-2020

    One word: IMPRESSIVE!

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