Jan 21st

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The class we had last week really opened my eyes to students views of ethics. I completely agree with the views that people had. A good speaker should stand straight, not be chewing gum, limit their hand motion, and make eye contact. I try to exercise these values when I speak, but if someone’s nervous then those things might not happen naturally, because not everyone thinks about the little extra stuff before they speak.

speech #1

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I think the first speech went well. I was very nervious, but i hate speaking in front of people. Normally when i give a speech im nervous up until the point that i start speaking. Througout the class i will adapt to the class and wont be so nervous. Prior experiences have treated me well, but somehow i still dont seem confident. I tihnk that i can improve one my preperations before i speak. I need to think positive, and just keep re reading it so that i feel like i know the material back to front before i speak. Overall though i think my first peech went well, i tried to act relaxed and hopefully didn’t look nervous.


Nicks Username

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Hey my name is Nick Schuessler, I am a sophomore majoring in sport management. I am also a towny as Annie put it on the first day of class. I’m a huge sports fan, basically a diehard Duke basketball fan. Someday I would like to see a Duke vs. North Carolina basketball game down at Cameron Indoor stadium.

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