Something Funny about My self

When I came to USA in March 18, 2009 I do not understand English and I can not speak it. I continued for six months, I do not understand something what was going on around me talks in English. Funny thing in this part when I speak with any U.S. person I pretended that I understand what is said with a broad smile. When I remember that thing, Laugh a lot on myself.

2 thoughts on “Something Funny about My self

  1. muntada
    10:20 pm - 4-24-2010

    me to . when I came to U.S. I did not understand all what he say. but some times I went to store to speak with worker to learn or practes the language.

  2. Nawaf
    12:17 am - 4-26-2010

    you did very well, but I am ashamed when Iwant to talk english with any one, because Iwas never know english.

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