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LP Alert!!!!!!!!

Tired of being shut in this winter? Well how about you come in to the Music Library and get some groovy vinyls for your listening pleasure. We are stocked with anything from rockin’ ’80s tunes to polka, and everything in between.

LP Alert!

Attention LP lovers. No need to wait any longer. It’s that time of the year again for the free bins to be plentiful with your favorite vinyl hits. Come check them out!

How Jazz Warmed Cold-War Hearts – an NPR Picture Show

NPR’s The Picture Show blog is currently featuring a story about how jazz was used in the Cold War.  Not only is this a fascinating aspect of cultural history, but the story also gives some background on the State Department’s program of “ambassadorial jazz tours,” which led, eventually, to a program that sponsored former BG students, The Student Loan, on a tour of Pacific Islands & South East Asia earlier this year.